Last week we took a look at the current solar return of New York City and as we could expect, there are very negative indications to be seen. The Big Apple is the epicentre of the Wuhan virus epidemic (it is remarklable how the name of the virus has evolved from Wuhan virus to Corona virus to technical-scientific Covid-19) and this was most clearly shown by this solar return. The chart used to calculate the return was made by making use of the method of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, the NYC chart data are 17 July 1623, 17:47:15 LMT (no chart picture given here).

If you use this strikingly effective technique which can also be applied to get charts for countries (read my series in the AA Journal) it is adamant to carry out rigid tests. Does the chart you are using reflect historical events clearly enough? This can be tested  very well as we are talking about concrete events here. The Wuhan virus pandemic is irrefutably reflected in the current NYC solar return but how about 9-11 the other disaster which struck in the city 19 years ago? If this cannot be seen in the predictive techniques, this would be be a big problem for the chart.

However, the NYC solar return under which these fateful events took place, is crystal-clear (click on the download button above to view the chart). The first thing striking the eye is this conjuction of Mars the planet of violence with Pluto the Lord of the Dead, who wil always suddenly pop up most unexpectedly . Mars is retrograde so the violence will not come in the way it usually comes and it is placed on the descendant of the opponents. In opposition with this extremely violent Mars-Pluto conjunction we have Venus Lord 12 of misery in conjunction with Saturn Lord 8 of death, placed onAldebaran a very powerful purely martial and  intensely red and violent royal star.   

Only five percent

That would be quite sufficient for a lot of misery,  but the Moon is also on disastrous Algol, yes there it is again, in the twelfth house and the nodal axis is on the cusps 2 and 8. So It emphasizes these houses with the malefic South Node on the cusp of the house of death. On the other side is Lord 1 / Mercury highlighting this axis, Lord 1 is very much the city. In fact, it could not have been shown more clearly and if modern astrologers had known and used these techniques, they might have predicted the event. But they missed it and this can be expected if you use only 5% of the available astrological methods.


These astrological delineations lead to other more philosophical conclusions. You can see in the charts that these disasters will happen, so in this sense they are normal, it is not bad luck. An individual may fall ill or meet with fate, and this is collectively so too. This pandemic is of course extraordinary in the literal sense of the word, but also normally abnormal, it is not the the first time at all and problably not the last. Man does not control the world with all his little technologies, not now and never, as astrology, the decisive death-blow for the scientific world-view so cleary shows.  Let him hear who has ears to hear.

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