The English Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still not out of the Partygate problems and in a previous post we looked at his progressions. This indeed showed that there are strong tensions to be seen and that those tensions will reach a climax in the next two months. These progressive positions are the MC in conjunction with Uranus (Uranus is symbolic castration, a very painful limitation is imposed), the Moon approaching  Antares (a star that indicates the end of a cycle) opposing the natal Part of the Sun (the “boss point”) and the PF opposing Pluto.

That is  quite a lot and these progressions will become full in April, which is why Johnson still has to worry about what happened during the Corona parties in Downing Street. We have already seen that the current solar return does not exclude stepping down, so it is extremely interesting  to see what the lunar returns of the coming months indicate. Are there big problems to be seen? And especially  the lunar returns around April are of course important, when the progressions reach their maximum effect. You can determine the time so accurately with the progressions because the Moon and the PF move at a rate of one degree per month.

Fallen Sun

In the current lunar retunr that started on January 25, the problems are clearly visible. The Sun, the General Significator of the premiership and Lord 10 of the position in the lunar return, is conjunct the IC. So the Sun has fallen from its high position and is at the place of midnight, where it should not be. That reflects very clearly how he is doing now, he is under heavy fire, his popularity and support for him in his party have decreased considerably. This lunar return is not shown here because the next lunar return looks even more interesting, it starts on 21 February and therefore roughly covers the month of March, click on the link below to view it.

Double South Node

This lunar return immediately stands out, it is a typical example of how you deal with lunar returns. If you know on the basis of the progressions, the solar reaturn and the context that something is about to happen, then you look in the lunar returns of the months around that time for the one that jumps out.  And the horocope of Boris Johnson’s life in March 2022 has the South Node on the MC of the job ! The South Node is the point that forces a painful sacrifice, in the context that is of course very telling. The importance of the painful South Node sacrifice is repeated again via the mirror point, the antiscion of the South Node is on the Ascendant, this is a double South Node, which falls on the two most important points of the horoscope.

What is also striking, is Mercury in the first house not far from the Ascendant but via antiscion also on the MC in conjunction with again that South Node. Mercury in this return is not only Lord 8 of the end but also Lord 5 of the end of the job. After all, the fifth house is the eigth house of death seen from the tenth house of the job, the death of the job, in this context that is relevant. “It” will therefore happen between February 21 and March 20 (when this lunar return expires). It could well be that the results of the police investigation would then become known and that this will have serious consequences for him.

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