Australia’s southeast coast is burning and the fires are not normal fires any more, they have taken on the shapes of disastrous fire storms. The woods are burning in Australia’s summer every year but it has not yet been as bad as it is this year, large areas are being evacuated. As this is a special abnormal situation, maybe this disaster could be seen in the relevant mundane charts. This analysis could also be useful to know in advance if these fire storms are going to come back in the next summer season. Especially the comparison of the charts of this year with charts of other years could be enlightening.

The question always is which mundane charts to look at, as we have several  possibilities. A good choice however is always the yearly ingress chart, calculated for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again. This gives us a chart of the new astrological year a kind of solar return for the world, to be made specific by varying the places you calculate it for. In the Aries ingress chart several positions (planets) are the same everywhere, but the angles and the cusps are very different and specific as they depend so strongly on the place. To view the current ingress chart calculated for the Australian capital Canberra, please click on the download button below.

In analysing this chart, the points that really make the difference, very specific for this part of the world should be emphasized and these are the angles. It will be immediately clear that Australia will be hit very hard in the astrological year 2019 (from 21 March 2019 to 21 march 2020) as the highest enery axis in the chart the nodal axis, is in almost exact conjunction with the MC/IC-axis in Canberra, the capital symbolising the whole country. The South Node, always demanding a  radical sacrifice is on the MC, dominating the chart from this high placement and is conjunction with the over-powering malefic Pluto. The outer planets can be used also in classical astrology and be seen as a special category of fixed stars.

What’s more, this MC so heavily afllicted by Pluto and the South Node conjuncts tiny Terebellum one of the three stars of fate, so something which has been in the air for some time (the fires coming back again and again) will fatefully strike this year. The other important angle the Ascendant is in Aries conjuncting malefic Baten Kaitos in the Whale, which is the Sea-Monster threatening to devour princess Andromeda, chained to an island (!).  This combination of angular positions is very specific for this location.

The ruler of the first house, most out-spoken the country itself this year is fiery Mars showing it most malefic side in its detriment in Taurus. Mars is in the Algol crisis zone , which is so everywhere and it almost exactly trines the heavily afflicted MC, which is only so in Canberra (Australia). It is this concentration of afflictions, you don’t see too often that shows the inferno downunder. As you know in which season the fires occur each year, you also would know when to expect the misery indicated by the  Aries ingress chart, context information is always an important ingredient of prediction.     

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