In the US, the upcoming election battle will be fought between two very old men, in France it is the turn of the youth. Recently, Gabriel Attal (34) became prime minister, in the main opposition party, the populist Rassemblement National (RN), 28-year-old Jordan Bardella is the rising star. He is the leading candidate in the European elections in June and, in the long run, clearly the intended successor of party leader Marine Le Pen. It seems that Bardella is going to win big, in the polls the populists are far ahead of the liberals of president Macron. 

Jordan Bardella


Bardella is extremely sleek-looking, which is why he has been nicknamed “le Cyborg” by the journalist who once gave him media training. He was always obsessively arranging his tie just right and getting his hair in perfect shape. This can be seen directly in his horoscope, the Moon (emotions) and Mercury thoughts) are both in a sign of Venus.  That makes Venus the significator of manners. Venus of course has to do with the outer appearance, especially when it is in fall, Venus will show this more superficial side very strongly.


As his surname suggests, he comes from a family of Italian immigrants and a great-grandfather was even Algerian. That’s a bit spicy, after all Bordella is the chairman of a party that is fiercely opposed to migration, in fact he grew up in Seine Saint Denis, a notorious  banlieu – deprived area – near Paris. You could also say that he knows the harsh sides of migration from his own experience and that his background in the banlieu has shaped him into the right-wing populist he is today. This is not an elite child born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

South Node

This can be clearly seen in the fourth house of the family lineage, where the Pars Solis (the gold, the Solar essence) is located conjunct the South Node which is very painfully limiting.  This conjunction falls on Al Pherg, one of the three stars of fate, a position on such a star indicates that the theme associated with the planet on the star will have a determining influence in life. Mars is the ruler of the fourth house and is very strong n its own sign in the tenth house of the career. What he saw in his youth made him the convinced political fighter he is today.

Hard-hitting Horn

The success is also indicated by the MC on royal Spica, the star that often takes you much further than might be expected. Lord 1 is Jupiter is in its own sign on the royal fighter star Antares. Also strong but far from optimal, Jupiter is in the weakening twelfth house, making no aspects or receptions with another planet and thus remaining somewhat isolated. His Lunar Mansion speaks volumes: it is Al Sharatain, the first unrelenting Ram House, extremely fiery and combative, the pure, hard-hitting power of the horn. The strong Moon in Taurus – the people – in exaltation will become Firdar ruler in 2026, which looks very promising for him! 

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