Tennis player Rafael Nadal won his 21st title in a Grand Slam tournament last weekend, making him the tennis player with the most Grand Slams to his name. The Grand Slam tournaments are the four most important, prestigious tournaments played each year, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, the US Open and the Australian Open. That is a major achievement and that makes you curious about Rafa’s horoscope who is also called “Raging Bull” or the “Gravel King” because he plays best on gravel courts.

It is good to realize that success in a horoscope can be indicated in very different ways. It may be that someone is just the right person at the right time at the right place and does exactly what the spirit of the times is asking. That is astrologically indicated by a synastry between the radix and the prenatal eclipse and/or lunation. Also, it can be a planet that can just manifest itself very strongly through a position right on the MC for example and it can be a planet with a lot of essential dignity so that someone simply fully understands the essence of a field.

There are even more possibilities, powerful royal fixed stars at important points such as the MC, the Asc, Lord 1, the Luminaries or Lord 1 make you live a myth through which you can become a mythe. The seven planetary points can also be of great importance, they symbolize the essential energy of a planet and if this essential energy is connected to an important point in the horoscope, this will lift you above average.  All these points must therefore be checked and often in horoscopes of very successful people it is a combination of these factors.

There are many ways to start a horoscope interpretation, but in a post on a blog you have to quickly get to the core. We therefore take his nicknames as a starting-point, nicknames are no coincidence! Nadal has a bull’s head as his personal logo, which can be seen on his T-shirts and sweatbands, hence the name “Raging Bull”. From what you see in the horoscope you become silent, the Sun that is also Lord 10 of the work, stands within three degrees orb on the royal star Aldebaran, the martial-red Eye of the Bull!  

His other nickname, the Gravel King, leads us to his talent Mars, the planet of battle and the sport that is in exaltation, he knows how to fight, and it is also Lord 1. The strong essential dignity of Mars makes the martial Aldebaran manifest itself better so that it will not become not too wild. What is also striking about Mars is that it is almost stationary and that fits tennis where it is less about pure speed than in many other sports. However, here we also find the Gravel King because the red brick powder is the slowest surface for a tennis court, the speed of the ball is 60% lower than on other types of courts!

Through antiscion, the slow Saturn is on Mars, which strengthens the connection with low speed. Of course, there must also be speed and agility, which you see in the strong Mercury in Gemini that has a high speed and the planetary point of Mercury that is on the MC in conjunction with the Pars of Fame (Asc + Jup -Sun in a daily horoscope like this)! Mars the Gravel King makes a close sextile with Jupiter the Great Benefic who is very strong in his own sign and as Lord 5 of playing is found right on Cusp 5, thus strongly emphasizing the great talent and success in games.

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