While all eyes were on Ukraine, tensions in the Far East have also been running high in recent weeks. After a visit by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China engaged in a series of military exercises around Taiwan. The airspace of the island republic was violated several times. The People’s Republic of China will have a different view on this, it sees Taiwan as part of its territory, so there can be no question of any violation.


Despite the intimidating exercises, a real attack did not take place , but it is clear that China will one day occupy Taiwan. The question is not whether they are going to do it, the question is more when they will do it. The chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of 2020 made for Beijing, which shows how the 20 years to come will look like for Beijing, confirms that idea. War planet Mars falls on the Descendant in that chart on the star Baten Kaitos in the Sea Monster, the beast that  threatens to devour the  Prince Andromeda  chained to an island!

To see when the potential given by the Great Conjunction will be unleashed, you can make solar and even lunar returns  based on the GC chart. The GC itself is not depicted here now, the chart that we give here is the striking solar return that starts on December 22 this year. What immediately catches the eye, is the MC on fate star Terebellum, showing that something which has been in the air for some time will take place now.


Pluto is on the MC, which is not at all  reassuring and the nodal axis, indicating important turning-points, lies over the Asc/Desc axis. War planet Mars, Lord  7 of interaction with opponents falls on very martial Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull that obsessively stares at its booty. This very martial Mars is in opposition to Lord 1 in the GC chart which falls on the equally martial Antares! Mars is also in opposition to the Moon on cusp 8 of death and by antiscion Lord 1 (China next year) is on this Moon-Mars opposition. Lord 1 is conjunct Wega, the Eagle or the Vulture that descends, also not nice.  Although the current solar return does not really look peaceful this return is very tense!  So we can expect action from China, probably in March/April.

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