Last week, the progressions were looked at in the chart of France , which showed the great social unrest in the country. The horoscope used was that of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that preceded the French Revolution. Of course, France is much older and will come back to that later, but the French Revolution can be seen as the beginning of modern France. This horoscope of France seems to work very well, but is it also possible, for example, to see the previous major protest movement, the uprising of the the Gilets Jaunes in November 2018 against Macron’s liberalism?

The first thing you notice in these progressions is the MC – the primary direction because the angles of the chart do not make a secondary but a primary movement– which is in the third degree of Gemini. Those who work with the fixed stars, and that is necessary for effective astrology, know that  this is part of the Great Crisizone that starts at Algol at 26 Taurus and continues until around 9 / 10 degrees Gemini where Aldebaran is found. This does not mean that France is going through a period of 14  years of ongoing crisis, but it is more unstable as long as the MC is moving through this zone  and major tensions can quickly develop. In an  individual chart, it also works that way.

New Moon

This MC is currently in the last degrees of this crisis zone and so the violent protests of today are part of the same astrological movement as the Gilets Jaunes in 2018. It also means that from 2025 the MC will leave the crisis zone and the country will therefore become less prone to these types of eruptions. In 2018, when the Gilets Jaunes shut down the country, and that was also accompanied by a lot of violence, it is easy to see why the potential tension indicated by the movement of the MC erupted at that time!

Lucida Lancis

The progressive Moon, symbol for the people, has just entered its own sign of Cancer, where the Moon has become very strong and therefore ready to revolt. The secondary-progressed Moon moves at a speed of one degree per month and so by following the Moon you can see how things develop. When a fast progressive factor such as the Moon enters a new sign, the ruler of that sign and everything connected to that planet in the radix, is also activated. The French radix-Moon is on the harsh South Scale (Lucida Lancis) and conjunct the Sun of power, which indicates the start of the power battle.

Al Haqa

But that’s not all because the progressive Moon is on its way to a conjunction with the progressive Sun, this is  a progressed New Moon and that is always a moment of crisis. This happens on the progressive position of Uranus, connected to the myth of the castration of the sky god, which can be interpreted more concretely as a very painful limitation. The three fast factors the Moon, the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis work out quite precisely and can give you the month something will happen because of their high speed. For example, the progressive Pars Solis is in  opposition via antiscion with the fiery radix-Mars in detriment in the tenth house of power.  That the Moon moves through the Moon House Al Haqa, the White Spot, which is part of violent Orion, is of course quite appopriate. Al Haqa is also associated with favours being asked of the ruler!

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