England’s prime minister Boris Johnson is working again after a serious Corona infection. He even had to be taken to hospital by ambulance on 11 April, when his condition suddenly seriously worsened. Later he said he had underestimated the disease, but he is above 50 and belongs to the group most in danger, under 50 almost no one dies of this infection. Johnson was hit hard by the virus, so this has to be indicated in his chart. Of course, you cannot see every little cold in the chart but this was a potentially life-threatening disease.

We have delineated Johnson’s chart in another post so this will not be repeated, for anyone who wants to take a look at his natal chart, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born on 19 June 1964, 14:00 EDT in New York (yes in the US), Asc 11.06 Libra. These data have a high A-rating so they should be reasonably reliable, they are not someone’s  gamble from hearsay, although the rounded-off time may raise some doubts. The progressions however seem to indicate that the time is indeed reliable, click on the download button below to take a look at Johnson’ s progressions.

These progressions show a few essential points in prediction, the importance of speed, the absolute necessity of involving the fixed stars and the need to limit the amount of progressed factors. To start with the last point, to see the main line in a life only six factor are used, the secondary progressions of the Luminaries Sun and Moon, the primary directions of the angles Asc and MC en the movement of the Parts of the Moon (Part of Fortune) and the Sun ( Pars Solis). Six factors is quite enough,  MC, Asc and the Sun move more slowly (about one degree a year), the Parts of the Luminaries and the Moon move faster (one degree a month).

The Sword Hand

It is essential to take speed into account, by means of the faster factors you can find the months something will happen, the slower factors only indicate the part of the year, they do not get much sharper than that. What strikes the eye in the progressions is the opposition of the directed Ascendant with the progressed Jupiter. Jupiter is Lord 6 of illness in the natal chart so this year Johnson will be more sensitive to illnesses. This may be a serious illness as Jupiter is on Capulus, Perseus’ Sword-hand which is the beginning of  Algol’s crisis zone, extremely malefic Algol is found two degrees further.

The Burnt Road

Progressed Jupiter moves much too slow to give a sound prediction but you can take it into account if another factor activates it, like the the opposition made by the primary Ascendant here. This Asc itself moves over powerful first magnitude star Agena in the Centaur, a constellation connected to the posssibly fatal underestimation of danger. This danger is confirmed by the Moon in her crisis zone the burnt Road (from 15° Libra to 15 ° Scorpio) conjuncting chaotic Neptune (no it was not a wonderful spiritual experience!)  and on the South Scale, the merciless Scorpion’s Claw which will have you for breakfast. A lot of danger but Johnson was lucky enough to have his Moon at the end of the Burnt Road when he fell ill, so he is back now  which is confirmed by the Part of the Sun moving over super-royal Regulus.

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