The second and final round of last Sunday’s French parliamentary elections proved to be a tough one for President Macron. His coalition “Ensemble” has lost the absolute majority in the Assemblée Nationale and so from now on they will have to negotiate with other parties in order to implement controversial measures (very controversial in France is the increase of the retirement age from 62 to 65!). The opponent that bothered Macron the most was the unadulterated leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon whose radix we discussed last week.


NUPES the coalition of the left formed by Mélenchon got 31% of the vote, the Macron party 38%, so we can speak of a rebirth of the left in France. However, this will not be directly reflected in the distribution of seats in the Assemblée because France chooses through a district system. Nevertheless, it is more than enough for NUPES to firmly thwart Macron, so it is interesting to take a look at the progressions in the chart of Mélenchon who has been able to profile himself in recent years as the leader of left-wing France.

The first thing you will notice is that five years ago his MC conjunted the great king star Regulus, that was at the time of the previous elections. Mélenchon then turned out to be the only candidate who could compete on an equal footing with Macron and Le Pen, it was his breakthrough as leader of the left. It can also be seen that his MC will conjunct the radix /progressed positions of the South Node during the next elections in five years in 2027. The South Node always requires a painful sacrifice so that does not look too good for him on the long run.

Solar opposition

But what is there to see at the moment? The Pars Fortunae has conjuncted the progressive Sun, the general significator of power and success. However, this progressive Sun is in opposition with his radix-Sun via antiscion, he is not in power, he is the opposition. His progressive Moon has just entered the Via Combusta which will give  problems and instability, so that does not look very good for the near future. The Moon will move over the radix and progressive position of Neptune in the coming months, which makes the idea of adversity even stronger. The Part of the Sun (the inverted Taurus symbol) is approaching Antares, the star of the end. Will the leftist  NUPES coalition succed in staying together?

Scorpion’s Claw

That is what is  going to happen, but what has brought him the success other than what has been discussed above, the progressions of the PF and the Sun? It is striking that the progressed Mercury is  moving  over the royal South Scale and although Mercurry  is not one of the six basic factors you always look at in analysing progressions, you can count it here. Mercury in the radix is both Lord 1 and Lord 10! The South Scale is a very powerful star, it is the merciless Scorpion’s Claw, the beast that was sent by the gods to stab to death the successfull Hunter Orion wo deemed himself superior. Orion-Macron has felt that now, but with a view of the progressions coming up, the question is how dangerous NUPES  and Mélenchon will ultimately turn out to be for him.

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