In recent weeks, the mundane charts that showed the massive earthquake in Taiwan on April 3 have been discussed here. These were the eclipse that preceded the earthquake and the ingress chart of the entry of the Sun into Aries, calculated for the capital Taipei. Both charts  looked dangerous, with the earthquake planet Mercury playing an important role in particular. So that showed that something bad was going to happen during the period of effectiveness of both charts, for the ingress that is until the moment of the ingress of the following year, for the eclipse until the next eclipse.

Lunatie Aardbeving Taiwan


With the ingress chart and the eclipse chart  you don’t have a sufficiently precise time determination yet, a year or a month or three, that’s too long. You have to get to a few weeks in which the danger is particularly strong. The lunation charts are suitable for this, the horoscopes of the exact moment of the New Moon or the Full Moon. An eclipse is a very special lunation as we explained last week, a lunation that falls close to the Nodal Axis and there are only four of them per year. However, there are two lunations every month, so you are on a timescale of two weeks then!


Of course, that is already quite a bit more precise and we are gradually getting close to a real prediction.  The chart of the lunation, in this case of the Full Moon, about a week before the earthquake is calculated for the capital, as this is a disaster that affects the entire country. But of course, in addition to the time, the exact location is also important, but we will not go into that now, one problem at a time! An earthquake in northern Taiwan is not the same as an earthquake in the south.

Death House

Unfortunately, the lunation  chart is not as clear as the ingress and eclipse horoscopes. That is the reality of astrology, there is sometimes a chart  that is less pronounced. The cosmos is a reality and not an idealistic concept that fits together perfectly. Nevertheless, there are clues in the chart that are quite disturbing. Thus the lunation itself is in houses 2 and 8, with the Sun, Lord 1 of the land in the eighth house of death. With a Full Moon you automatically have an opposition of the Lights, but certainly not always one of the Lights is also Lord 1 of the land.


Earthquake planet Mercury is in play in this horoscope, but we already knew from the ingress and the eclipse that the chance of an earthquake is high. The lunations are mainly an instrument for determining time, similar to the lunar return  in natal astrology. What is striking is that Uranus of painful limitation is on the MC  and Neptune is almost on the lunation by antscion. Almost, because if we strictly apply the usual orb for antiscia, it is not in orb but as a lunation involves both Luminaries you can take it a bit wider. Further indications are the two malefics in an angular house, Saturn making a sextile with Lord 8 and Lord 10 right on Cusp 8. It could have been a little clearer, but it’s enough to warn you.

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