While all attention was focused on Afghanistan and the victory of the Taliban, on the other side of the world an earth-quake took place in Haiti. This made the chaos there complete because the president of the extremely poor and instable country had been murdered just before that. Haiti is an heroic country, once it was a French colony but the slaves successfully rose against their colonial rulers and became independent. But here this great story stops immediately, as since the country has been dragged down into political chaos, blood-shed and extreme poverty, worsened by disastrous earth-quakes and floods.

Haiti is a failed state, everybody understandably wants to get out of there. In the Haitian natal chart, made on the basis of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding its independence, we can see very strong frictions. Click on the download button below to be able to view it.

Venus Lord 10 of the government is placed on powerful Regulus and yes the country was founded by proud slaves who liberated themselves. However, one swallow does not make a summer.  Venus is in the eighth house of death and it has no essential dignity, a bit further away in the eighth house there is the Great Conjunction itself. The Sun is Lord 8 and it has a lot of influence in the angular seventh house, from where it harms the Ascendant, the country. The Sun is on Procyon the main star in the Small Dog, which is able to defy and outsmart the powers that be, again an indication of this successful slave rebellion.

So there is a lot of influence of the death house, Lord 10 is placed in it but also Saturn / Lord 1, the country and Lord 1 conjuncts Jupiter Lord 12 of chaos and self-destruction. So the most important house rulers are involved directly with the death house, a total of five of the seven planets. No help can be found in other parts of the chart, malefic Mars is very violent in its detriment and the Moon has no dignity. Even a very weak chart may be saved by one very strong planet, but here it is not be found, the death house reigns without opposition.

Baron Saturday

There is another thing that worsens the situation, it is Jupiter /Lord 12 of the occult in its detriment so manifesting its nastiest sides. The conjunction of Lord 1 with Lord 12 shows Lord 12 has a lot of influence in the country. This points to the wide-spread Voodoo, a dark cult with African roots close to black magic. A place where magical rituals are constantly performed will destabilize. If you act in the astral field and that is what magic does, this will have an effect on reality, energy gates are opened that could better have remained closed. Strange as this may sound, it is not a phantasy. The Voodoo god or Loa that is worshipped very intensely on Haiti is Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday, the day of Saturn, general significator of death), the malefic god of death, it clearly is a demon. Next week we will take a look at the progressions so see what the causes are of the disastrous situation this year.                    

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