Burma, or as it is also called now Myanmar, is one of the countries in the world the rulers of which make an extensive use of astrology and other traditional sciences. The moment Burma gained its independence was even chosen by Burmese astrologers, that was on 4 January 1948, 4:20 A. M. (Asc 10.40 Sag) , the ceremony took place under bright Moon-light, during the night. A strange choice, although the rest of the election seems to have been made quite professionally, it is a strong chart in which Mars plays an important part, for many years a harsh military regime ruled the country.

Coup election?

However, over the past few years there seemed to be a positive change into a democracy with more freedom and several parties. Yesterday, this developement suddenly came to an end, the army, which had always remained an important factor retook its power. Political opponents, leaders of other parties were arrested and the state of emergency was announced for the time being for a year. Of course, this triggers the question what the progressions in the Burmese radix show, the radix itself will not be discussed here. Click on the download link below to be able to see the progressions.

One of the questions in the background is whether the military coup was an election? If the army has always made use of astrologers, this could well be so. Of course, this could be done by making a full election, but you can also “sail along” on the cosmic winds indicated in the chart and act at the moment the progressions are favourable for taking power. Burmese astrologers will use other techniques than we do, but this does not matter, a favourable moment is a favourable moment.     

It is amazing how clearly the progressions show the coup! Of course, this does not give any certainty as to whether this is indeed an astrologically chosen time but it certainly is good moment, if you would want to act in this way. For the first thing striking the eye is the MC changing sign, which would be a clear reflection of a change in government. The second point is the Pars Solis, the Part of the Sun, the “reversed Taurus” symbol in the chart, which as the solar Part is connected to power, it is on very martial Antares, ending cycles. This is a fast factor moving at one degree a month, so it can give you a rather precise timing.

South Node Phase

Just as fast is the Moon coming out off the Algol crisis zone (26 °Taurus- 10° Gemini) approaching mighty Aldabaran. Antares ends things, on Aldabaran a new start is made. The Part of the Sun and the Moon are applying to opposition and  yes the people (Moon) and the power (Part of the Sun)  are separating. The Moon is also entering the Mansion Al Dhabaran, the image of which is a charging cavalry man! By antiscion Venus (Lord 11 of the state’s resources in the radix) and Mars (the army) are going to conjunct, not bad for the army. So yes, it could very wel have been a elected moment, but it certainly shows that  1948 Burma radix works very well. Also the Firdaria, the rulers of phases of many years have changed this month, fom the expansive Jupiter-like North Node to the reductive Saturn-like South Node.  

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