In his first speech after he lost the elections, Donald Trump hinted that he would be running for the presidency again in 2024, which was not unexpected. Of course, this is an effective way of keeping the Republican party under pressure as there is considerable resistance to Trump within the ranks of the GOP, the Grand Old Party. If Trump would not keep this posssibility open, he would certainly  loose infuence. Suppose we were Trump’s house astrologers, what would we tell him?  Let’s assume that he does not fall ill or dies in the meantime and he perseveres in his ambition, would he have a real chance astrologically?

To judge longer periods of time the Firdaria, the planet rulers of the phases of life with a duration of several years, are the best instrument. To get an impression of the possibilities and atmosphere of such a period, the natal position of the Firdar ruler should be evaluated. When Donald Trump in 2016 was victorious, his Firdar ruler was the North Node which gives a lot of succes and in his radix it conjuncts the Sun/Lord 1, so that is very strong. Now that he lost, the Firdar ruler was the South Node that takes succes away and forces you to make a painful sacrifice and this is exactly what happened. This weakening South Node Firdar will be over in June this year, then his Sun Firdar will start and this is the powerful Sun /Lord 1 conjuncting his North Node in his radix, very strong.

On the basis of the Firdaria only, it could well be that Trump will come back in 2024, but is this confirmed by the other techniques? Firdaria in all their simplicty  are certainly a very impressive method but to really predict you cannot base yourself on Firdaria alone. So what do the progressions in November 2024 indicate, click on the link above to be able to see the progressed and directed positions. The first thing striking the eye is the primary direction of the MC (because the angles do not make a seconday movement you cannot calculate progressions of the angles) which is on Praesepe. According to the Chinese this is the “Exhalation of Piled-up Corpses”, not very pleasant, this Empty Crib, it is like a second Algol leading to chaos and fragmentation.

Spica and  Regulus

That does not look good, but the other positions look quite promising. The MC direction by antiscion conjuncts Trump’s  radix-MC, not too bad. The secundary progression of Venus/ Lord 10 of the job moves over royal Spica, giving unexpected succes and it conjuncts the progressions of benefic Jupiter. That looks strong. The progressed Part of the Sun (moving backward through the zodiac) is entering Leo, which activates his strong Sun/Lord 1 on the North Node and it moves over Regulus, the most royal star “that leads to the throne”. Again not bad at all. The Part of Fortune has just entered Capricorn, activating sign ruler Saturn, weak in detriment in Cancer in his radix but conjunct Lord 10 and on royal Pollux. The Moon is in the Burnt Road which is not good but also in the lunar mansion Al Ghafr, the Robe, a mansion for business success.

Hmmm…? Not all the indications are positive but this is seldom so. The positions on Spica and Regulus are very strong and they repeat the indications in 2016 when they were also active. With caution and under the assumption that he will reach 2024 in good health, we can say that his opponents will have to get working on their political armours. In June this year his powerful Sun Firdar will start so we will be hearing more from him again.   

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