The situation in the world is still very tense, diplomats are working overtime. A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in the Gaza Strip and the conflict between Israel and Hamas could easily spread. That’s not what this post is about, we’re still looking back at October the 7th  when Hamas made its horrific terror attack on Israel. We will not speculate here about the forces and motives in the background either, but it remains strange that Israel ignored the repeated warnings of the Egyptian secret service that something was imminent.


Purely astrologically, you can see this in the stars of blindness that were activated around the attack and the many antiscia that can indicate something remaining hidden. In the previous two posts this has been discussed, in the interpretation of the solar return the antiscion of Mars the violence planet was even crucial, the antiscia are one of the five necessary techniques. Without using these five techniques, you are going to miss essential clues in a horoscope. How to work with progressions and the solar return has already been discussed and with the progressions of the fast factors you can almost find the month that something is going to happen.

To look at that in more detail, you can use the lunar returns. You can do that by checking all the lunar returns of a year until something catches the eye. Hurray for the computer, because you can click easily through the year. If you know by the interpretation of the progressions and the solar that something significant will happen in a year, the lunar will indicate the month that it is happening. It is important that it is not about one lunar but about two. It is usually the case that the event in question takes place under the lunar that clearly indicates this, but it is just as important to look at the following lunar (“the post-lunar”). If something dramatic happens, the lunar after the event  reflects the consequences of that drama, sometimes the post-lunar is even clearer.

Heart of Scorpio

Hamas’s attack began on the Jewish Sabbath on October 7th , and the lunar that is then valid, already gives clues. However, the next lunar indicates it even more clearly, with the ultimate killer star Antares on the Ascendant, this is Scorpio stinging the Hunter Orion to death. Orion thought he was superior and invulnerable because he was so good with weapons… Because this lunar starts on October 8th, it also indicates the transits of the attack. The importance of transits is greatly overestimated, but if you have analyzed progressions, solar and lunaar, you can look at them as the very last step to find the week or the day.

South Node

They are also clear. The transit-South Node is on the radix-Asc of Israel, the South Node forces you to make a painful sacrifice! Only the South Node does not move that fast, so it will linger around the Ascendant for a while. But when the attack came, Mars ran over it and that is of course very sharp timing. Also, Venus (Lord 1 in the radix) went over the Israelian radix-Mars that day to go to his fall in Virgo, which is exactly what happened.

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