In recent weeks, we have been looking at the positions in Donald Trump’s chart in connection with next November’s presidential elections. Trump will certainly try to become the Republicans’ nominee again, and it looks like he has a very good chance, too. There are serious opponents, but whether these competitors will be strong enough to beatTrump, is still the question. We have seen that  Trump is in a Sun-Firdar, which is very strong, but the question is what the progressions show, only a strong Firdar does not indicate that you will win.  

The progressive positions given above are those of now,  March 2023, but we can move hem forward to see what is to come. Progressions and the primary directions of the angles (angles do not make a secondary movement, only a primary one) are the main line in prognosis, everything else is assessed in the context of the progressions /directions. Another important point is to always realize that you are looking at progressive positions and not at a “progressed chart”.  You see a chart image but it is only the advanced positions that matter,  so you should not make the mistake  of interpreting  this picture as a chart.

Empty Manger

If we first look at the MC (the primary direction ), it is striking that the MC leaves the nasty progressed malefic Saturn in detriment behind. When Trump lost the election in November 2020, his MC was on this very vicious Saturn in detriment and that is the beauty of progressions / directions, that you can see the flowing line of developments over time. The MC is on its way to Praesepe, the Empty Manger, which it will conjunct during the election. That is not very positive, the Manger in which the king’s child must be placed is empty! At the same time, the MC enters a term of Mercury and that is  good again as Mercury is strong in his radix. Entry into a new term activates the ruler of the term.

Burnt Road

The direction of the other angle the Ascendant is approaching the sign boundary and will enter Scorpio this year. That is not bad for him because Mars, the lord of Scorpio, is very strong in his birth chart.  Thjrough antiscion the Asc will come however in opposition with his radix-Ascendant, not good of course. What is positive agin is the movement of Venus, Lord 10 of public function moving towards royal Spica, which it will conjunct during  the elections.  Less attractive is the Moon going through the Via Combusta in the coming period, which always indicates an emotionally turbulent time. The climax in this turbulence always comes when the Moon goes to its fall in Scorpio, which is in January 2024. What is good again is the movement of the Part  of the Sun over royal Regulus exactly in November during the elections! So what can be seen is a majority of strong movements, Lord 10 over Spica, the Sun Part over Regulus, MC to a strong Mercury term, Ascendant to a Mars sign with an undertone of problems: MC over Praesepe, Moon through the Burnt Road , Asc via anitiscion in opposition with his radix-Ascedant. All in all, there is considerable strength, so it could reflect his comeback.

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