It was very tragic that last month the former king Juan Carlos, father of the current Spanish king, had to leave his country because there was yet another scandal caused by his uncareful way of life. The past few years there were again and again problems around the former king and too much damage was done to the reputation of the Spanish royal family. Juan Carlos, the national hero who played a crucial role in transforming Spain from a fascist dictature into a modern democracy, was forced into exile and nothing has been heard from him since, it is not even known where he lives now.

Such a tragic fall of a hero should be clearly visible in the developments in the former king’s chart. Very unfortunately, royal families do not respect the ancient tradition and do not have Court Astrologers any more, if they did they would be able to prepare themselves better for the unavoidable scandals and crises. A short glance at Juan Carlos’ progressions reveals the upcoming crisis which does not mean it could have been avoided completely, but it is always better to know what is coming towards you. His natal chart (5 January 1938, 13:15 Rome, Asc 19.44 Taurus) will not be discussed now, we will take a look at his progressions, click on the download button below to be able to view them (and remember there is no such thing as a progressed chart, only progressed positions!).

It is immediately clear that it would be a good idea to be extra careful this year. The primary direction of the Ascendant (as the angles do not make secundary movements, there is no such thing as a progressed Asc)  is moving over Praesepe, the Empty Crib, one of the most powerful crisis stars, a  kind of “second Algol”. With the Empty Crib activated the message  is not to let your desires guide you but to firmly do the correct thing, an effective recipe against scandals. If you do not firmly take the right action there is a considerable chance a chaotic situation may develop, in this context of  scandal after scandal, this is a serious warning.


This is confirmed by a very special progressed position, a cazimi Saturn. Cazimi means “in the heart of the Sun”and this makes the cazimi planet unstoppable. This is not always positive as it depends on the condition and nature  of the cazimi planet. Here it is Saturn in its fall in Aries , and Saturn is Lord 10 of the position in society in the natal chart, so this gives an almost literal picture of what happened, his fall could not be stopped any more. Mercury moving over Al Pherg, a star of fate, confirms he is approaching a painful breaking-point, with an activated Al Pherg you have to let go of something you are very attached to, in order to be able to go on.

In the natal chart Venus is Lord 1 placed on 7.25 Capricorn and the progressed Part of Fortune (composed of the directed Asc and the secondary progressions of the Sun and the  Moon) is in opposition with Lord 1. The Part of Fortune is the planet part of the Moon and one of the meanings of the Moon is the people, so Juan Carlos and the people go their different ways. This is repeated by the progressed Moon opposing the progressed part of the Sun  (=royalty).


It is crucial to keep the speeds of the progressed factors in mind, the fast factors the Moon, the Part of Fortune and the part of the Sun move one degree per month so it is possible to give a more detailed timing by them than by  the slow factors the Sun, the MC and  the Asc moving about one degree per year.     

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