On 6 June the daughter of the “exiled”royal pair Meghan Markle and  (ex-) Prince Harry was born in Santa Barbara, California. The child received the name Lilibet Diana, Lilibet is a pet name for Queen Elisabeth and the combination with Diana relfects the whole family drama. So it seems  inevitable that this family history can be seen in “Lily” (as she will be called)’s radix. Everywhere in her esistence this break will be felt, only the fact this British royal child was born in Santa Barbara is of course telling!

According to internet sources her birth time is 11:40 PDT (click on the link below to view her radix)  and then her Asc is in  the last degree of Leo. That is intriguing as the most important individual point in her chart is near super-royal Regulus in the first degree of Virgo but not on it. So maybe she was born a little later than the internet sources say or does this exactly reflect the reality that Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor is in fact not part any more of the royal familiy? The  planet part of the Sun, the royal solar essence, seems to confirm this as with this time of birth it opposes the Ascendant by antiscion, it is on the other side where the Sun sets! 

So let us keep the birth time as given, its is wise not to correct too much as it tends to reflect your own prejudices. Then the royal Sun is Lord 1 of “the person in his life situation” and it is very prominent in the tenth house on the expansive North Node, its not too difficult to imagine what this means. It strikes the eye that this high Sun, the planet of royalty also opposes te Part of limiting Saturn reflecting the lost connection with the royal family again. On the MC is Algol,  which is not only misery and misfortune but also fame and a high position, as Algol is also the star of irresistable glamour. It is also easy to imagine what this could show mean for this royal descendant growing up “in exile”in California.

The Small Dog

Lord 4 is of course in this chart one of the most interesting house rulers and yes it is Mars of quarrelling and breaking apart, in fall in Cancer so it will show its nastiest sides. Mars /Lord 4 is on Procyon the main star of the Small Dog, which always does it his way, defying the powers that be. You can say so!Most fascinating is the Part of this Mars, the essence of the martial energy placed by antiscion on the MC, so again there is an indication of breaking connected to the family axis.

This weak Mars/Lord 4 is in a rather strong mutual reception with Jupiter, the planet of aristocracy very strong in its domicile. Despite the painful breach there is compensation, Lilibet will not be a poor girl. This Jupiter is Lord 5 of money from the family and the Part of Jupiter is on the cusp of the fifth house. It is striking that this strong Jupiter is on the other side in the seventh house pointing to the lost high places on the other side of the herring pond.                  

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