The last few weeks the international tensions have risen to the boiling-point. Some time ago I wrote here that we could be glad that the transition of the Great Conjunctions to the Air element only brought a pandemic and not war, but maybe this was a bit premature. At the border with Ukraine Russia has stationed many troops and it seems like they are heading for an actual invasion. The questions is what is shown in Ukraine’s chart at the moment and what we can make of this?

The radix data used to calculate the progressions are 1 December 1991 at 20:00 in Kiev, Asc 3.30 Leo. This was the moment the positive results of the referendum on Ukraine’s indedependence were publicly anounced in Kiev and the country was internationally recognized as as a souvereign state. Striking in this radix is Saturn, Lord 7 right on the Decendant in its own sign, so there is a very present opponent, guess who that is? This radix seems to be functioning well enough and the current progressions clearly show the high tensions of this moment.    

Mars term

The first thing striking the eye is the Ascendant (its primary direction, there are no secondary progressions of the angles because they make no secondary movement) just changing term. Terms are seldom important, but if a slow factor like the primary Ascendant is moving into a new term, this is something worth noting, the ruler of the new term will be activated at that moment. This new term ruler is Mars, mirroring the high military tensions altough this does not in itself mean there will be war.


Furthermore, the Part of Fortune (its progressive position calculated on the basis of the direction of the Asc and the secondary progressios of the two Luminaries) is in opposition with the Sun on the progressed nodal axis. As the Part of Fortune is the Part of the Moon, the essence of the lunar energy, you could see this as a kind of Full Moon, so this is a progressed pseudo eclipse because the opposition is made over the nodal axis. Whatever you want to call this, it is a moment of extreme tension, the Sun’s position on the North Node is favourable for Ukraine, the Sun is natal Lord 1. The part of Fortune is the opponent on the South Node, always demanding a painful sacrifice.

Al Iklil

The part of the Sun is moving over Vindemiatrix a malefic star asscociated with an unfortunate outcome, the progressed Moon by antiscion is on progressed Lord 7 of enemies so prominent in the radix. The Parts and the Moon are high-speed prognostic factors moving one degree a month, so that the tension has reached its climax now, is clearly indicated. The progressed Moon through the lunar mansions indicates appropriate Scoprpio themes, going from Al Zubana to (being pinched by the Scorpions’ Claws) to Al Iklil (defending your resources).  If this means there will really be a war, is as yet unclear, the lunar returns will have to analysed to say something more about this.                    

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