Taylor Swift has grown into a real megastar in recent years and she seems to be everywhere. She even has influence in politics, her support for Joe Biden could persuade her fans, the swifties, to vote for the old president. It will be clear that the Trump camp is not really happy about this because the Swifties are quite fanatically devoted. Swift seems to have become the most successful pop artist in the world at the moment and that of course also includes controversies. The right-wing media have already opened fire on her.



Her radix makes no bones about it, almost directly on the Ascendant there is a very strong Mars in its own sign. Mars is by far the strongest planet in her chart and is also the lord of the fifth house, the house of creativity! Via antiscion, Venus, the planet of aesthetics, is conjunct this Mars and Venus itself is on the very powerful and energetic Altair, the main star of the Eagle. Venus also falls on the cusp of the third house of expression and is also in mundane sextile with Mars. Mundane aspects are made by planets that have the same distance from a cusp, in this case Mars and Venus are on the cusps.


That is certainly very powerful, but several points are important when analyzing success. A person can have great success with a very powerful planet as in this case, but also with strongly placed planetpoints, royal fixed stars or a strong connection with the charts of the eclipse and lunation that immediately preceded the birth. The latter means that you strongly connect with the spirit of the times and that is often the case with great success. Taylor Swift also has the prenatal eclipse on her MC and the Ascendant of the eclipse horoscope is right  between the Moon and Jupiter in her radix.


The firdaria, the long period of years over which a planet rules, are again very clear. Taylor Swift makes her debut in 2006 in the Firdar of Saturn, which is fairly strong in its own sign. In the twelve years of Jupiter that follow, everything continues to grow prosperously, the Great Benefic is exalted in the radix, although it is somewhat weakened by its placement in the eighth house and its retrograde movement. But of course it will be clear that under the Firdar of the very strong Mars she will break all records and yes, that Firdar starts in 2021!

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