The past two posts we looked at the disaster in Lybian Derna using the charts of the eclipses and the lunations (Full Moon and New Moon) that preceded the disaster. To get an idea of where the disaster was going to occur, which is of course crucial, the charts  were calculated for the place of the disaster and not for the capital. In the charts, of course, there should be very pronounced signs of a disaster, we must take the point of view that we really want to arrive at a prediction that has practical value.


So it should not be so that we really have to draw the clues by force from the chart.The context also plays a role, in earthquake-prone areas the interpretation is somewhat different than, for example, in the Netherlands or Belgium. It has disappeared from the news again, but on 6 February there was a devastating earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria. As the place to calculate the charts of this disaster Gaziantep was taken, a large city near the epicenter of the earthquake.

South Scale

This Moon eclipse falls, with the side of the Sun, on the South Scale, the very evil Southern Scorpion’s Claw.  That doesn’t sound very pleasant, but of course it is true everywhere in the world because it is an eclipse. It strikes thye eye however that Mercury, the traditional significator of earthquakes, is conjunct the eclipse! Also Lord 8 of death, Venus is nearby. Lord 1 is Saturn, and that is a bit more specific to the place, the axes of course shift quickly. Saturn is in the evil twelfth house and through antiscion in conjunction with the South Node. In this way it is directly connected to the eclipse because an eclipse has it origin in te nodal axis.

Scorpion The MC is of course also an extremely important point as one of the axes, it shifts very quickly and so it is very specific. The MC is in these regions on Antares, the Heart of the Scorpio, the Star of Death! That is a very clear indication, so Antares is the second Scorpio star in this eclipse horoscope. Because it is a purely martial star, the condition of Mars in the chart is also important. For example, if Mars would have had a lot of dignity, it would temper Antares’ deadly malice. Mars, however, only has dignity by face, which is too weak to really make it much milder.

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