Sunday on Monday was not a good night for investors, at least for those investors who focus on cryptocurrencies, the development of which caused sensation over the past few months. The very first crypto ever, the Bitcoin sky-rocketed, if you would have bought at the right moment, you would have been a rich man. Other cryptos with hallucinating names like Ethereum, Nano, Iota and Ravenscoin also did well and how appropriate is this for the Air times which have just reached their full strength in December. Cryptos are a digital abstraction, very far removed from cash money so very Airy. Corona funtionsas  the katalyst in this transition to Ai , the use of cash money has  considerably decreased over the past year.

To get information about the value of the cryptos, the horary chart is the optimal instrument, the ruler of the second hosuse is the essential point in these horaries, what is it going to do? If it will get more essential and/or accidental dignity, the value of the cryptos you have or are intending to buy, will increase. As always the context is very, very important , what is the querent thinking of, some quick money or long -term profits. What the horary shows and the way to judge it, is given by the querent’s perspective, this determines the very crucial point of the timing unit. Cryptos are very “volatile”, their value will go up and down at a high speed.

Quintessential Mercury

A crypto is something but at the same time it is nothing, leading us to the planet that has to be its General Signficator: Mercury. The word ‘’volatile”has been invented for Mercury, and this could mean that the condition and the movement of Mercury at the moment can say something about the cryptos. For something remarkable is going, they have all lost value, there is not only one going down.  Although the horary remains the best instrument to deal wit a specific question about a specific currency, it is intriguing to check if the movement of Mercury, could say something  about the cryptos – the quintessential Mercuries- in general.

If you look at the condition of Mercury at the moment, this seems to reflect the generral crypto-crash. Mercury is turning now from retrograde to direct, so it is stationary and that exact moment is always one of ultimate vulnerability and weakness. And this is what we see. It would also suggest that recovery may be expected soon when Mercury will be speeding up again. First however, the planet will leave its own term at 12° Aquarius so it will loose some essential dignity, recovery will be slowed down by this. It is intriguing how it will be at the long term, when Mercury after Aquarius will enter Pisces, the sign of ist detriment and fall. This will happen on 16 March, so may we expect a crypto-crash again then?

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