La reine est mort, vive le roi. It feels strange that the queen of queens has died, the Queen was always there almost as a matter of course. Even for the non-British, she was a wonderfully stable point for many decades. The world and the country she was queen of have changed enormously, but she always remained on her post most faithfully. Charles, the eternal Prince of Wales, has been waiting in the wings for years and has now become king, King Charles the Third. This is a very big event for the UK and there are many ways to look at this astrologically.


One way to do that is on the mundane-astrological level, we will base ourselves on the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that preceded the foundation of England with the Norman invasion. This GC chart is made for November 24, 1047 and has the Ascendant on Regulus. That is of course extremely appropriate for a country that once ruled a world empire in which the sun did not set. The death of The Queen is such a big event that this should certainly be visible in this chart, we will take a look at the current solar return made on the basis of the GC chart of 1047.

It remains baffling that a radix from almost 1000 years ago shows what is happening this year. Because in this solar return that is valid until next November, the indications are quite strong. If you know that The Queen is more than 90 years old and could die and you had looked through the solar returns of the years that were coming, this one would certainly have stood out as a year in which that could happen. For there is a planet on angle in this solar return, even on the main angle, the Ascendant. That is a place in the chart where a planet can manifest itself very strongly in the world.  To see what it is that manifests itself, you can look at the house rulerships of the planet.

Head of state into detriment

The planet on the Ascendant is Mercury, ruling the eighth house of death in the solar return and the tenth house of kings and queens.  That is of course very telling, but there is more. Mercury Lord 10 of the head of state, is in the last degree of his sign Scorpio and thus about to pass to his detriment in Sagittarius, another clear indication. In Sagittarius, Mercury immediately encounters the South Node where the Sun is also placed  on. The South Node so prominent in the first house is the exit from life.

Mirror eclipse

Mirrored eclipse The Sun is the leader who leaves life here. It is the Moon (queens) that confirms this in a amazing way. By antiscion the Moon falls in opposition with that Sun – a kind of Full Moon – and so close to the nodal axis that is a kind of lunar eclipe, so the light of the Moon goes out by antiscion. Antscia are nodal points and are can therefore be associated with death.  So there is an accumulation of indications – the Sun on the South Node, an antiscial Lunar Eclipse, Lord 8 of death on the Ascendant, Lord 10 entering its detriment – that shows what happened, in a chart the origin of which goes back almost 1000 years. That’s astrology.

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