Recently the news came that the best-known opponent of Russian President Putin, Alexei Navalny, has died. He was imprisoned in a penal camp in the Arctic Circle under a very harsh regime his, the investigation into his death is still going on. Of course, no one believes the official story of the Russian authorities, it was clear that Navalny would die and that his death would be used to intimidate other opponents.

Ninth House

In his chart, the strong emphasis on the ninth house of ideas, ethics and ideas immediately strikes the eye, the ninth house is not only about religion. There are no less than four planets in this house, including Lord 1. Obviously, this will play a big role in his life. Mercury is Lord 1 of the person and Lord 10 of the work and therefore very important, it is also conjunct Algol. Algol is not only a disaster star but can give you a glamorous appeal and bring you a lot of success. So here’s why he was such an effective political organizer.


Regulus transit

This is further enhanced by the MC on the very powerful Betelgeuse, a star in Orion the arrogant, powerful and successful Hunter who is attacked by the Scorpio. In the ninth house, the Sun is placed  on royal Aldebaran, an intensely red star with a pure Mars character, which gives a lot of combativeness. His Lunar Mansion is one of the four Leo Manzils, Al Jabbah, heavily involved in power struggles. The Lionheart Regulus is the big star in this Mansion, and the star’s precession shows why  Navalny became so famous. Due to the precession, the Lionheart, “leading to the throne” changes signs during his  life and comes to conjunct the Moon, a kind of transit of a star!

Saturn Firdar

A very strong chart, but you can only see this very partially without looking at the stars. The weakest point is also clear, it is the Great Malefic Saturn in detriment in Cancer, which will therefore show itself from its most msierable side. As from 2016, Saturn is Firdar Lord and the attempt to poison him, his imprisonment and death in the Gulag fall in this period. The other malefic is Mars, who, as Lord 8, indicates his death and te circusmtances of his death. Mars can indicate violence and Mars aspects Venus/Lord 9 (abroad) and falls on Cusp 9 via antiscion (hidden as you cannot see an antiscion). It wasn’t abroad, but it was very far away. His profection  (one year = one house) had come this year in the twelfth house of captivity, of which Mercury on headhunter Algol is the ruler!!        

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