The atmosphere on the world stage is quite tense, with the wars in Ukraine and Gaza and yes if the situation is miserable, you can wait for Kim Jung-un to show his ugly head again and fire a few missiles. The Great Genius Leader of the North Korean concentration camp is always willing to make a contribution to the party. But the leaders in the West also seem to be slowly pushing us towards the idea of a war with Russia. The question arises as to what is going on astrologically?


We have written here many times about the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, which mark the great rhythm of history. Those GCs have definitively switched to the Air signs in 2020  (Corona!) and such a change of element only happens once every 220 years. The last time that happened was in the early 19th century when Napoleon had put an end to the chaotic, extremely bloody terror of the French Revolution and after this swept with his armies through Europe like a whirlwind. We are now in a parallel phase, which is the background of the increased tension.

Ingress 2023

Ingress 2023

To be able to say a little more about the developments, it is a good idea to look at mundane charts such as ingresses and eclipses. Of course, you can calculate an ingress – made for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again – for any place in the world, but we choose Brussels as the “capital” of Europe. The new ingress of 2024 is coming up on March 20, but we still have two months to go under the old ingress and it’s always a good idea to look back. There is a strong tendency to look ahead, but there is always a lot to learn from looking back.


In the past year, the increasing threat of war has been the theme in Europe. The ingress indeed doesn’t look nice, the very unpleasant South Node is on the Ascendant and the opponent also manifests very clearly. Lord 7 of enemies is on the strengthening, expansive North Node and conjunct the Descendant. The enemy is getting stronger at the expense of Europe. That’s right. Lord 1 is Mars conjunct Betelgeuse, one of the main stars of Orion, a very violent constellation, Orion is the Hunter who is killed by the scorpion. Lord 1 is not in a very good place either, in House 8 of death and about to go to his fall.


The Aries ingres is very tense and that reflects the year. Yet there is no war in the EU or would is it  going to happen in the months before March 20? For that, you can look at the ingress of the Sun in Capricorn that shows what winter will look like. However, there is little drama to be seen in this. So it seems like a good idea to take a look at the 2024 ingress next week. 

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