Charles de Gaulle’s name is still mentioned with respect in France, he is seen as the father of the country. It was De Gaulle who conceived the current French poltical organisation of the Fifth Republic, in which there is a very important role for the president. Recently, the name De Gaulle was in the news again because his son Philippe de Gaulle, 102 years old, had died. He was the last surviving child of the famous general and he himself had a great military career.

De Gaulle Fils


In the chart it is immediately clear that this is someone who will not spend his entire life at home on the couch. There are no less than five planets in angular houses, and in the strongest angular houses, the first and the tenth. There are many ways in which a chart can indicate success, many accidentally strong planets is one of them, in the angular houses planets can manifest themselves most powerfully in the world. In the radix of this famous so , Venus / Lord 10 of the career is almost right on the Ascendant, so the job comes to him automatically.

Sunny Sun

A little further in the first house and therefore very strong is the Sun, the general signfiicator of leadership and power, which is conjunct the Ascendant via antiscion on Venus / Lord 10. That Sun is also in conjunction with the planet part  of the Sun, which makes this a very powerful Sun that will express its Solar nature very, very  strongly. A connection to a planet part via conjunction or opposition within a two-degree orb always shows something extraordinary in a life. The powerful action of this Sun is emphasized by the fact that the Sun combusts Mercury, Lord 7 of others, and thus dominates them.  


In this horoscope you may  of course also expect a clear role of the father, he always remained “the son of”.  This is indeed very conspicuously indicated by Mars, close to the MC and dominating the chart from that position in elevation. If you had looked up at the moment this child was born, you would have seen it immediately, the red planet of the warriors is shining high in the sky and will therefore play a decisive role in this life. This is a very direct form of astrology, clearly showing the essence of our celestial art.


This Mars has a lot of quality in his own sign, it is his “lord of the geniture”, his great talent, he knows how to fight. Mars is Lord 4, he followed his father in his career and also became a soldier, but he did things a little differently. The planet of the warriors hs just arrived in a new sign and in a Water sign. Philippe became an admiral and served his entire life in the Navy. It is again the Lunar Mansion that sums things up clearly, it is Al Shaulah, the Scorpion’s Sting, the point at which the deadly poison is actually administered to the enemy, not bad for a soldier.  

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