Recently Georgia Meloni with her party Fratelli d’Italia, the Brothers of Italy, won the elections there and she will probably be the first female Italian prime minister. Ironically, the first woman to rule Italy has very conservative views, the Fratelli fit into the list of parties called “radical right”. There is quite a bit of variation in this, but they all share a strong aversion to neoliberalism, globalisation and migration. Meloni was able to effectively articulate the threat that understandably emanates from the major changes in the world for many Italians, near Africa the country also has a lot to do with tensions around migration. It is interesting to take a look at her natal chart.

A Lunar Mansion is best interpreted after you have analyzed the radix, but in the case of Meloni it is so striking that we will start with it. Her Manzil is Al Iklil or The Crown, which refers to the Head of the Scorpio on which this Lunar Mansion falls. This emphasis on the head shows that the focus is on ideas which is repeated by the other name for this Manzil The Monkey. The monkey is always seen as a very smart animal, in combination with the Scorpio theme – killing the hunter Orion – you get a fierce battle with ideas. That of course is very appropriate, all keywords in this mansion have to do with the defense of one’s own possessions against enemies.

Fixed  Earth

So we see that the radix lunar mansion, more concrete than the Sun Sign, indicates the core story of the life. Around that core story, life crystallizes and that it would be politics can be seen in Meloni’s tenth house. There the planet of politics Jupiter is found which is also Lord 9 of ideas and visions, the placement in the sign Taurus is an indication that these ideas will not be very progressive. In classical astrology, the sign background of a planet is not decisive, but the nature of the sign does play a role in the interpretation in general terms. Taurus is the Earth element in fixed mode so that indicates immobility and tenaciousness. This very fixed Jupiter also falls on the Ascendant via antiscion,so it will be able to manifest it self very powerfully.


Even more clearly, her conservatism is expressed by Jupiter’s speed because Jupiter stands still! So above, so below can’t really be illustrated more clearly. Now the question is whether the conservative soup will be eaten as hot as it is served. Because Jupiter is about to become direct and thus go with the flow again, and is in strong mutual reception with an exalted Venus, the harmony planet in very good condition. Venus is Lord 4 of the nation but it also adds the ability to compromise to the policy planet.   

More directly personally, Saturn has a lot of influence in the first house of Meloni and it is therefore the “signficator of manners”. Saturn is by its nature hard and rigid and is in  detriment, she can handle the harshness of the political work. Again we see here tenacity and conservatism, not only is Saturn by nature conservative, it is also retrograde and placed in a fixed sign. Saturn is also in strong mutual reception with the Sun/Lord 1, which connects it to leadership. This Sun also falls on Terebellum a star of fate which shows that leadership  will play a very important role in her life.

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