Last week the upcoming eclipse of May 16 was discussed and the chart of that Lunar Eclipse made for Moscow looked quite dramatic. What was also clear, is how important context is in astrology, in a prediction you always combine knowledge of the context with the interpretation of the chart. There is now a war going on and so you look at the eclipse chart with regard to that situation now, for Moscow and Kiev. The degree of the eclipse will also be on an Ascendant somewhere in the world, but the question is what does that mean? Meanwhile, we know that eclipse charts for a country that is at war, will refer to that war.


A good example of the power of eclipse charts is that of the solar eclipse before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Tensions had long been rising by then, the Russians were building troop concentrations on the border with Ukraine, so the context was clear. On December 4, there was a solar eclipse, and just by looking at the star on which that eclipse falls, you already know what is about to happen. That star is Antares the most martial of all stars in the firmament, this bright red royal star is not for nothing called Anti-Ares, the competitor of the war god Ares in combativeness.

This Antares eclipse makes a sextile with Saturn, Lord 1 and that makes the effect of the eclipse acute in this place. Antares is the Heart of the Scorpion, the beast that stabs the Hunter Orion to death with his poisonous angel and at the MC that martial story is repeated again very conspicuously. The MC is on the other royal star from Scorpio, the merciless South scale or the Scorpio claws, not a fine combination of extremely powerful stars. Mars is also Lord 10 which is very emphasized in the tenth house and is in conjunction with Saturn / Lord 1 via antiscion. This Mars is on Agena, a powerful star in Pholus the Centaur who dies because he picks up a poison arrow too impulsively.   

Astrolabium Planum

It is a clear horoscope, there is an excess of Mars to see, so you know what will happen. The eclipse falls in the second decanate of Sagittarius to which the image of a grieving man is connected, and also the image associated with the eclipse degree (thirteenth degree) in the Astrolabium Planum is not very encouraging, it describes a conquered, handcuffed figure. Not only can you clearly see when something is going to happen based on eclipse horoscopes, you can also see the myth that is going to be acted out, here that of Orion and the Scorpion and that is knowledge that may be interesting to a government.

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