The most famous psychologist in the world, Dr Phil has announced that after 21 years he is retiring from his highly successful daily TV show in which he gives his guests advice on a wide variety of topics and problematic situations. Dr Phil was known for his practical, direct approach, sometimes to the blunt but many felt helped and his TV show brought him world fame. It is of course interesting to check what can be seen of this in his radix, Saturn is the planet of problems so it could have a prominent role.

  It is always smart in the interpretation of a radix to also take a look at the seven planet parts that can show important themes in the life. They can do this by a conjunction or opposition of a planet part with a radix factor or with each other within two degrees orb. In Dr. Phil’s horoscope, the Pars Fortunae or the Part of the Moon (emotion, psyche) is in opposition with the Part of Saturn (problems) that is in conjunction with Algol, the star of loosing your head. You can’t sum it up more succinctly.

Al Sharatain

His Lunar Mansion is Al Sharatain, the first Ram House that has to do with pulling away from stuck situations. Al Sharatain’s planetary energy is Mars, the planet of practical action that is essentially very strong in the radix, allowing the Lunar Mansion  to express itself more balanced and controlled. What is also immediately noticeable in his horoscope is the position of Jupiter which as Lord 1 and Lord 10  is the most important house ruler and placed in the twelfth house. The house position of Lord 1 in the radix indicates what we will automatically pay a lot of attention to. House 12 is the big problem house and Jupiter the planet of helping which is very strong in its domicile.


Conjunct the descendant and thus very strongly manifesting Saturn is found which gives him his direct approach and his emphasis on taking responsibility, but Saturn is also the planet of problems of course and he is Lord 12. Saturn is in Virgo in the sign and exaltaion of Mercury and Mercury is in the exaltation of Saturn, a very strong mutual reception through exaltation  of the problem planet with the media planet. That is of course not too bad for a TV show in which practically smart advice in problem situations is the main theme.


Nevertheless, Dr. Phil does have a somewhat deeper understanding of emotions because the Moon, the planet of emotions, has much essential dignity in its exaltation and triplicity. A planet with a lot of essential dignity gives  you an understanding of how its energy functions, it is a talent. You can see that this talent is going to earn him something by the placement of that strong Moon in the second house of money and possessions. Via antiscion not only Venus /  Lord 2 conjuncts the Moon but also Pluto which has to do with great wealth. Dr Phil will be back with another show, he has said.

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