As we predicted last week on the basis of Emmanuel Macron’s current lunar return, he has won the presidential elections. That current lunar return showed conflicting clues, which happens more often, but the conclusion was that it didn’t look dramatic enough to say that he would loose (see last week’s post). It wasn’t a resounding victory like five years ago, Le Pen did better than ever and it seems a lot of people voted only for Macron to stop Le Pen. The question is also how Macron’s party, La Republique En Marche, will fare in the parliamentary elections that will soon follow.

It is striking how the political situation in France, but also in many other countries, reflects the astrological cycles. As is well known, in December 2000 the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter passed from the Earth signs to the Air signs, it was 200 years ago that that happened for the last time. This caused Corona, but it also gives a picture of the political tensions, conservative-nationalist (Earth) is everywhere opposing liberal-globalist (Air). The tension is the result of an understandable resistance to the great changes that the Air-time brings and which can indeed be quite destructive.  The trick, of course, is to bring the two elements together in a non-radical policy.

That is what mundane astrology shows, and you could say that Macron was the Air candidate who beat the Earth candidate Le Pen. Naturally, that is not enough for a prediction, to predict you have to look at the lunar return for example as we did last week. If they are not so clear, as was the case with Macron, you can also analyse the lunar return that follows the events, which shows the consequences of what happened.

What immediately stands out in this lunar return is the Sun in the first house. The Sun is, of course, the presidency and is in the house that most strongly indicates Macron, in a fixed Earth sign. The Moon of the people is nearby, Sun and Moon are very much connected to each other, although there are also some lesser indications to be seen. Uranus of painful limitation conjuncts the Moon and the New Moon the day before was a solar eclipse. Macron has not come out of this unscathed.  He no longer enjoys the trust given to him five years ago. On the MC there is a strong star of the first magnitude Vega, which is positive and Lord 10 of the job is placed in the strong eleventh house of recognition. By antiscion, the Pars Solis (projected with the radix arc), the essence of the President’s solar power, is right on the MC! He is still there. 

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