Some time ago, based on the chart of the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I wrote the following:

“Looking ahead, we see mid-April (calculation date March 3) Mars going over Pluto which can be nothing but a very fierce battle that reaches a decisive point, could that be the fall of Mariupol? Then we see another turning point in mid-May (calculation date 6 March). Mars in the first house of the Russians leaves its exaltation and loses significantly in fighting power, while the MC changes the sign and the Moon (Lord 7 Ukraine) enters its exaltation in Taurus, indicating an improvement for Ukraine.”

This prediction was made with a 1 day = 1 week key and it seems to work reasonably well. The conjunction of Mars with Pluto did not bring the fall of Mariupol, a unit on the site of the Azov steel plant fought on till yesterday. However, the city largely fell into the hands of the Russians and has been completely razed to the ground.  Also, the Russian offensive in the Donbas has stalled in many places and the Russians have been driven away from Kharkov in the direction of the border. We will continue to monitor developments.

Lucida Lancis

Last week we discussed the eclipse chart that preceded the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the power of the eclipses as a prediction tool was clear. If a tense situation has arisen, you can use the eclipse charts to see if and when it could get out of hand. Another good example of the power of eclipses is the chart  of the Lunar Eclipse that preceded the outbreak of World War II that began with the German attack on Poland on September 1, 1939. This results in the eclipse chart below for Berlin.

The star on the Ascendant already speaks volumes, it is Vindemiatrix the Sorcerer’s Apprentice who is going to unleash uncontrollable forces that will get totally out of hand. Lord 1 indicates Germany and that is Venus which almost falls on the Descendant of others, so they are now going to take action! The MC confirms the violence that will erupt, it falls on violent Sirius, the brutal head star of the Big Dog. These are already a lot of clues, to which can be added the position of the Moon, falling in the Via Combusta on Lucida Lancis, the Southern Scale of Libra. This is a royal star that you can better describe as the merciless  Scoprion’s  Claw that you will grab you and will not let you go.

When working with eclipses, William Lilly also looked at the decanates in which the eclipse falls and that indeed seems to work here. The second decanate of Scorpio is associated with an image of war and struggle, these images  show another aspect of the  division of the signs that goes back to an ancient tradition. 

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