From America where he went to live with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020, Prince Harry has been bombarding the English royal family in recent months, culminating in a Netflix series of no less than six parts. Not only do they earn well from it, they can also give their uninhibited view of Harry’s family and that is of course not a pretty picture. The question is what can you see of this campaign using the various forecasting techniques in Harry’s radix?

The first thing we look at are the Firdaria, the life stages of long years controlled by a planet. Since 2015 this is the Moon exalted in the fourth house of family and Lord 7 of relationships. It is clear that that is the big theme of the past years, he married the American actress Meghan Markle in 2018 and started a family. It is true that the Moon / Lord 7 is also opposing the house of his social position and yes that is also clear, he has given up his position as a member of the royal family.


Firdaria are a simple but extremely effective technique, to which you can  add with the equally simple profections. Profection is not a technique you get from an old book somewhere, it is based on a 12-principle. In 12 steps you go through the whole cycle, that is of course well-known in astrology, there are diverse ways in which you can practically apply that. What works very well, is to take a (Placidus) house for every year, the condition of the house with everything  connected to it then describes the year.

Since his birthday in Septmber 2022,the profection  has come into the third house and Lord 3 is  Mars, the planet of battle. Mars squares Venus  Lord 4 of the family and of course the third house has to do with brothers. That Mars is very important because by antiscion it falls on the Ascendant, as Lord 10 Mars is also the mother, so his fight against the family is an echo of the fate of his mother, not really very suprising. The profection in combination with the Firdaria already shows a lot in a simple way without many calculations.

Burnt Road

The progressions (not shown here) complete the picture. The Moon is moving through the Via Combusta, always an emotionally turbulent time, it is now on royal Spica, indicating the great success of the Netflix series. The progressive Lunar Mansion is Al Simak, which has to do with critically evaluating and breaking relationships! It is the middle Manzil of Virgo, which is so strongly connected to relating ,it is also a Spica masnion and Spica is the Wheat Ear, the concentration point of the harvest where the evaluation reaches its climax.


Looking ahead, it’s clear that more drama is to be expected. In 8 months the Moon will go to its fall in Scorpio, always a kind of climax  in the passage of the Moon through the Via Combusta. With this entry, the Moon emphatically activates the sign lord of Scorpio Mars and just after that makes a progressvie New Moon, always a very important turning point. That this  happens is conjunction with Pluto will not make things much more harmonious.

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