This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was extremely dramatic. The Dutch singer Joost Klein, who had a good chance of winning, was disqualified by the organizer EBU due to an unclear incident and there were many protests against Israel’s participation. Those protests were carefully kept out of the picture by the EBU, do we have a free press here in Western Europe? The whole festival has been highly politicised for years, for example, a “professional jury” appointed on unclear grounds, distributes 50% of the points and steers the whole thing in the wished-for direction. The EBU is just as corrupt as FIFA.


Based on the chart of the beginning of the festival, what can we say about this dramatic course of the event, which is only very partly about music? Two questions arise: can this chart show who will win and can you see that it will not exactly go smoothly this time? To answer the first question, John Frawley once suggested looking at the first aspect the MC – the price – will make when you move it forward. That first aspect shows the winner, the planet describes the song, the sign it is in, the country that wins.


Since the festival is always held in May with the Sun in Taurus and a chance that Mercury and Venus are also in Taurus, Taurus countries like Ireland and Sweden would win more often. That is true, both countries have already won seven times and are therefore the record holders. Still, the method is far from ideal, as far as the song (planet) is concerned, it often seems to be right, but finding the winning country (sign) is more difficult. Which country gets which sign is also sometimes  a problem, which sign belongs to Moldova or Bosnia, for example?

Eurovision 2024


In the chart of this Eurovision Song Contest, the first aspect that the MC will make is a trine with the Moon in Taurus.  Switzerland has won and that country is classified under the Taurus by Lilly, for example. In this case, the method works and it often does, but not always. The Moon that is on its way to a New Moon, a conjunction of the masculine and feminine energy Sun and Moon clearly shows that the winning song was about non-binary identity (politisation!), you are not a man or woman but a blurred mixture without a clear nature. The winning singer’s name Nemo reflects that, it’s Latin for nobody.  Joost Klein’s song was titled Europapa, and you can’t easily associate that with the Moon, it wasn’t Euromama, which would have reflected the Moon (an opportunity for electing the title!)


So it can be seen who wins. But how do you see the many problems this year? There are four planets in Taurus in opposition to the Ascendant, including that applying  New Moon – always a moment of high tension – and Jupiter on crisis-star  Algol. That is exceptional, this  is certainly not the case every year!

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