Last week Kirk Douglas, one of the great Hollywood legends died at he blessed age of 103 years. Kirk Douglas, yes he is the father of actor Michael Douglas was the son of poor Russian-Jewish immigrants, so he very much incorporates the American Dream with his successes. America the land  of umlimited opportunities, for some it really does exist. Issur Danielovitsj Demsky, born in a family of poor immigrants became the great Hollywood star Kirk Douglas en his son is continuing this success. In his chart some very interesting planet positions can be expected , click on the download button below to see his chart

With a view to his poor youth , the IC of the family root will problably be much afflicted. Indeed there are quite some negative indications to be seen there, Algol the most malefic star in the heavens is right on the IC! Venus the ruler of the familiy house is very weak in its detriment in Scorpio on the powerful South Scale, the merciless Scorpion’s Claw. Lord 4 is also placed in the ninth hosue of foreign countries showing that his parents were immigrants. On the basis of the chart you can often very clearly decribe decribe the situation in the family, which means that even if it was very bad, it is never just bad luck. It always belongs to your life, otherwise it could not be seen in the chart.

It is just as true that your family background has an important role to play in your life but it does not determine who you are. There are twelve houses in the chart and the fourth house is only one of them. People with difficult backgrounds can completely outgrow their family, your parents do not make you, as Issur Demsky’s chart shows. His success can be seen on other points in the chart where as many four powerful stars of the first magnitude elite are found. Succesful refined Agena (Venus-Jupiter) in the Centaur is on the MC, inspired Altair (Mars-Jupiter )in the Eagle is on the Ascendant,the Moon is on dymamic Capella (Mars-Mercury) in the Wagon-Driver near the cusp of the fifth house of creativity and on the fifth cusp itself there is Rigel (Jupiter-Mars) in Orion the Hunter.

Powerful fixed stars on important points contribute a lot to success, though angular planets, planetary points and the synastry with the prenatal charts should always be analysed too. Every famous person will be famous in his own way sometimed because they really have a talent, sometimes because they catch the spirit of the times and sometimes because they persistently manifest themselves very strongly. With a view to the large amount of Mars in Douglas’ stars it may not come as a surprise that his most famous role probably was that of the gladiator Spartacus (the Hunter, The Eagle, the Wagon-Driver). This is confirmed by Mars / Lord 10  in its exaltation, Lord 10 indicates our tendencies in our public roles.

Exalted Mars is on the cusp of the very weak twelfth house but by antiscion (position mirrored in the 0° Cancer-0°Capricorn axis) it conjuncts Mercury Lord 5 of creativity in the powerful 11th house so it does not remain locked up in the 12th house prison. This is exactly the story of Spartacus the rebellious slave/gladiator. The other malefic Saturn is Lord 1, the body and it is very weak retrograde in its detriment in Cancer in the sixth house of illness. Nothing much positive could be expected from such a Saturn. So it was, Douglas had many serious problems with his back, Saturn’s structures weakened by the dissolving Waters of Cancer point to a very instable vertebral column.      

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