They are still a bit far away, the presidential elections but gradually the fever in the US is starting to rise a bit. The first candidates are already presenting themselves, shots are being fired, but probably the battle in November 2024 will be fought between the two old men Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Or maybe not, Trump has promising competitors and Biden is not really popular. So a good question is what Trump’s chart shows, it’s clear he would like to try again in 2024.

If anyone ever had doubts about the value of the Firdaria as a prognosis instrument, a brief look at those of Donald Trump is enough to convince. During the Firdar of his Saturn, a malefic in detriment and his weakest planet, he had to contend with severe weather, with impending bankruptcies. That was over when the Jupiter-Firdar arrived, Jupiter is a benefic in reasonable state and Lord 5 of money from the family. Trump inherited his father’s fortune and was able to pay off his debts. When the Firdar of Mars arrived, which is very strong on the Ascendant on Regulus, he began to gain great national fame through a very successful TV show.


Finally, he won the presidential elections when his Firdar of the North Node, the Head of the Dragon, had just begun, besides Mars the other overwhelmingly strong position in his horoscope. After all, the North Node is on powerful Capella in the Chariot, conjunct the Sun Lord 1! But yes, everything passes away and when he defended his presidency four years later, his South Node Firdar had begun. The South Node always forces you to a painful sacrifice, in conjunction with the Moon the Dragon’s  Tail took away the popular favor.

Second round

But since 2021, that often so difficult South Node phase ids also over and after 75 years he has started a new round of Firdaria, in his diurnal chart this begins with ten years of the Sun. That is, of course, this same Sun that conjuncts the North Node on Capella is in the tenth house. Thus, during his attempt to return as president, the Firdaria will activate the same constellation as when he became president for the first time. As far as the Firdaria is concerned, things are looking extremely favorable for him and we will certainly hear from him again. But more is needed to actually achieve success and we will look at that in a later post.

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