This weekend I read an article by the Flemish professor of political science Jonathan Holslag (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) in which he sharply analyses the problem of Western Europe. Western Europe is decadent, weak,  lazy and naïve and relies on others (the US) for its security. The politically correct “intellectual repentance battalion” also blamed  Western Europe in recent years for its colonialism and slave trade, stimulating the idea that one had to make way for other countries and could not be strong. The question of the criminal activties of, for example, Indonesia and black African or Arab empires (massive slave-traders!) could not to be raised any more.

To be clear, this man is not an extreme right-wing populist but an advisor to Frans Timmermans, the first vice-president of the European Commission. He calls on Western Europe to wake up and rebuild its military strength before it is too late. It is to be hoped that he will be heard, for the mundane- astrological analyses seem to support him. Last week we looked at the solar return for Europe this year, based on the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturnus and Jupiter in 2020 (“GC,” calculated for Brussels as the capital of Europe).

Given the geo-political situation, it is of course interesting to also see what the solar return indicates for next year, this SR will start to work on 22 December this year. Of course, the big question is: does it look peaceful or does  it indicate that the war begun by Russia against Ukraine may be spreading? Click on the download button below to see the solar return for 2023 in Europe. 

There can be little doubt about this chart, it looks extremely martial! The Ascendant falls on Antares, the Scorpion’s heart, the powerful royal death star announcing the end of a cycle which has a pure Mars character. On the descendant, Mars himself stands on the equally martial royal Aldebaran, the Eye of the ferocious Bull, only reinforcing the indications on the Ascendant. The Moon is Lord 8 of death, emphasized in the first house in opposition to that Mars on the descendant, while Jupiter/  Lord  1 (Europe)  has just left its comfortable position in its own sign.

Venus is the important Lord 10 is on Vega, the Vulture coming down, not nice in this context. Lord 7 of  opponents is Mercury landing on the Ascendant via antiscion, the opponents come to Europe. Let’s say it clearly this chart boils over with conflict indications. That is not nice  of course but let us not be carried away by your own images. So what does this mean. War? That is a bit too quick as a conclusion, but it clearly shows that next year will be marked by conflict and the continuation of violence, it does not look peaceful. It is indeed high time to build up military strength as quickly as possible, fortunately the German government has now understood this well.

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