It is the time of the radicals, in the Netherlands Geert Wilders won the elections by a landslide, and in Argentina Javier Milei came to power. The symbol of Milei, who combines right-wing radicalism with an extremist economic libertarianism, is a chainsaw, and the desperate Argentinians cling to him. The country, once one of the most prosperous in South America, is suffering from an unprecedented economic crisis. Is the Milei’s chainsaw going to do something about this? It seems unlikely.

But what do the relevant charts show? One of the most important charts is the radix of the country and we can make it using the well-known technique of the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, the Lords of Time. You take the Great Conjunction (GC) that precedes the independence of a country and make the chart of the exact time of the GC. With that radix you can work as you work with a personal birth chart, you can apply all the techniques from natal astrology at this mundane level.

The Silver River

If we make the chart of Argentina, for the exact time of the GC that preceded independence in 1816 for the capital Buenos Aires, immediately something catches the eye that makes clear that this horoscope is effective and that is the Moon in the first house. Because of its position in the first house (= Argentina) the Moon is strongly emphasized and the Moon is also in opposition to the Great Conjunction itself. The Moon is connected to silver and that’s where the name of the country comes from! The Moon is on Fomalhout, the mouth of the Southern Fish, and the land was formerly called Rio de la Plata, Spanish for Silver River! The capital is also located near the mouth of this river.


The MC of the government is on the grim Scorpion’s claw, Lucida Lancis, Lord 10 is Mars in destriment  in opposition with chaotic Neptune. That is not very promising for an effective government, do we see here the murderous military dictatorship of Jorge Videla and the chainsaw of Milei? More economically, cusp 2 of the money looks good conjunct the Jupiter-like North Node and on the Jupiter star Achernar. However, Lord 2 is Jupiter in detriment conjunct Saturn and that doesn’t look good at all, here we see the economic vulnerability, Jupiter is also Lord 11 the government’s money!


With the help of the Firdaria, you can evaluate the phase the land is in. A full Firdaria cycle lasts 75 years and if you count from the beginning the country is in its third cycle (since 1952), the lord of the third cycle is that weak Jupiter!! Within the third cycle, since July 2022, the always so difficult Firdar of the South Node has arrived, so the crisis is now becoming very acute, it will last until 2025, when the Moon phase begins. That will bring some relief, but it remains to be seen whether that will come from Milei’s chainsaw.    


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