In the whole Corona crisis the US  have a remarkable role. First they seemed to escape the epidemic, a somewhat naive thought, but now the virus is striking mercilessly, disrupting the whole country. Donald Trump seems not be the right man at the right place at the right time, populists tend to look away from unpleasant realities and what is needed now, is realism and soberness. Astrologically, the US have the role of the of the exiting world power and therefore the virus is striking so hard.  

For we have to realise that in December this year the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter are entering another element and the last time this happened was 200 years ago! Astrologically, this is the most important event of the past 200 years and such a transition to a new element always brings a new world power (China) and the fall of the old Empire (the US). This is what we are witnessing right now! On an astrologically somewhat lower level, we could also take a look at the developments in the US chart, the real one based on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the indepedence of the colonies (13 March 1762, 11:33:32 LMT, Asc 8.59 Cancer). This is the root of the US giving its essence (chart not shown here).

If we apply the technique of the Firdaria, 75 –year cycles ruled by the seven planets and the two nodes, to this chart, this development is also reflected. The short and the long Firdar are both ruled by the Moon, essentially the weakest planet in the US chart. The large Firdar cycle covers 75 year, every 75 year we get a new ruler, the current Firdar started in 1983. Also on the lower level of the progressions the crisis is clearly indicated.

The progressions above have  been calculated for now, early June, always realise there is no such thing as a progressed chart only progressed positions (click on the download button to view the progressions). The first thing striking the eye immediately, is the Sun right on Antares, the Scorpion’s Heart, the star ending cycles with its merciless poisonous sting. Also the Moon is separating from an opposition with the progressed Sun, so that was a secondary Full Moon, over the star axis Antares –Aldebaran.

This is a pair of extremely powerful royal stars connected to autumn-spring, to dying and a new start, a progressed Full Moon is alway a crisis moment of strong tensions. The Moon is very weak at the time of the Full Moon, completely filled as it is with the solar light and the Moon is Lord 1 in the US natal chart. At this moment the progressed PoF is moving over Neptune, the chaos “planet” showing the rioting in many places in the US, here you can see the wild chaotic waters of Poseidon.  A 200-year cycle is ending so it is not a surprise that things are a bit rough in the US.

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