The war in Ukraine is dragging on, and things are not going well for teh Ukrainians, there is a shortage of everything, ammunition, weapons and men. New arms deliveries are on the way from the West, but it is all going slowly. The initiative is now with the Russians, who are advancing in the east of the country, they also proceed slowly and with very large losses, but they are going forward steadily. Russia is using its old trump card, it is a huge country with very large reserves, they can simply hold out for a long time.


On this blog we discussed the radix of Ukraine a while ago, making use of the technique of the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter. The data of this radix are 1/21/988 7:17 PM LMT in Kyiv with an Asc of 1.23 Virgo.  This radix seems to be very effective in the progressions. In February 2022 when the Russian invasion began, the progressed Pars Fortunae was moving  through the Algol crisis zone in opposition to the progressed Sun and the progressed Moon was on Vindemiatrix and conjunct Pluto.

Via Combusta

At the beginning of the invasion it was mainly Ukraine that was very successful and in that development the progression of the Moon is very important. When the invasion started , the Moon entered the Via Combusta which always indicates a difficult time, also in personal horoscopes.  But within the Via Combusta from 15 °  Libra to 15° Scorpio there are also differences, because the Moon goes to its fall in Scorpio at some point and that often indicates a turning-point or a low. That happened in November last year, when it became clear that Ukraine’s counteroffensive had finally stalled. 

Ukraine Progressies 24

15 Scorpio

At the moment, of course, the Moon is still in its fall and in the Via Combusta. If the Burnt Road is so clearly connected with the course of the war, we should expect the situation to improve in some way once the Moon has passed through. That will happen in February next year when the Moon arrives at 15° Scorpio, which will bring a development  that will eventually improve the situation. The solar returns provide more information, and this year’s solar return does not look so nice indeed, with Lord 7 of opponents conjunct Pluto overwhelmingly on the Ascendant! This will be gone next year, which shows moer or less the same as the progressed Moon.        

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