Over the past week, the news was dominated by the conflict in the Gaza Strip, and in last week’s post it was discussed how only six importnat progressions showed that something nasty would happen. This is only possible if you use the five necessary techniques, fixed stars, dignities, antiscia ( the real mirrored positions through the axis 0° Cancer-0°, Capricorn, there is a reason why you only mirror in this axis ) planet parts and Lunar Mansions. That is clear and simple. In mainstream modern astrology, these techniques have all been lost, less than 5% of the traditional methods can be found in the modern form of our celestial art.

Solar Firdar

Other examples of this are the Firdaria, the long-term planetary phases and the profections, a prediction technique in which a house represents a year, so in twelve years the profection moves through the entire horoscope. If we apply these techniques to the horoscope of Israel, the effectiveness is evident. This year the Firdar of the Sun has begun in May, the Sun is in the radix of Israel on the murderous headhunter Algol in House 8 of death! It means that Israel is entering a ten-year phase of greater danger and tension.

Fourth Profection

The profection has arrived in the fourth house this year, so that house describes what is happening this year. Lord 4 is the great malefic Saturn who in the radix is in detriment in the tenth house. In detriment, Saturn, general signifier of death, shows its worst, most vicious side, and in the tenth house it has a lot of influence. On the IC, the cups of House 4 fate star Terebellum is placed, which shows that fate is now striking. Of course, these positions around the fourth house also say something about the roots of the country (fourth house) in the persecution of the Jews and the Shoah.

Canis Minor

The solar return is also obvious. The first alarming position is that of Venus – Lord 1 in the radix and therefore pre-eminently the country – which is almost right on cup 8 of death. This return-Venus is also on radix-Venus which strongly emphasizes the associated theme – death. But it gets worse: war planet Mars is on Procyon, main star of the clever but very violent Small Dog, one of Orion’s hunting dogs. A specific characteristic of the Little Dog is that with his surprising agility he outsmarts the ruling authorities! Look at how Hamas carried out the attack.


This Mars on Procyon falls on the MC in the radix of Israel, which of course emphasizes the planet very strongly.  But it is even worse : via antscion – yes, there it is again – Mars is in the solar return on the descendant! That is a Mars carrying all the power of Procyon and the antiscion indicates – again ! – that something is not seen. After all, an antsicion is a mirrored point and not the position of the planet visible in the sky. This also means that the solar Ascendant/Decendant axis falls on the radix-MC/IC via antiscion and such a conjunction of axes is always a sign that something important will happen.                           

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