Last week, the ingress chart calculated for Ankara was discussed here, which reflected the disastrous earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey and which has caused unimaginable suffering. One of the most alarming positions in that ingress chart was Neptune’s , the god of earthquakes, which fell on the Descendant. When interpreting ingress charst it is crucial to take the context as a starting point, in Turkey Neptune on an angle means something different than in a country that is not prone to earthquakes.

A new ingress is on the way in March, and it is of course a good idea to analyse it, especially now that tensions on the world stage only seem to be increasing. China in particular seems to be becoming more active, arms supplies may be coming to Russia and irritations between China and the US are increasing. This is the confrontation between the old world power and the new world power, which we can expect now that the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter have finally passed to the Air element.

Neptune Again

But to illustrate how an ingress should be interpreted in context, we first go back to the ingress chart for Kiev, under which Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, which is that of 2021 (the war began on February 24, 2022). This ingress chart also has Neptune on  a corner but now on the MC. The context is not an earthquake because in Ukraine this is not relevant, but the aggression from Russia. The eastern parts of the country had been a battleground for years, but of course there was more in the air. That is exactly the context in which you delineate an ingress, Neptune causes chaos and that has to do with war here.


That is confirmed by the star appearing on the Ascendant, which is Castor one of the Gemini who are also warriors. You could also see that as an indication of struggle between brothers and so is this war. But that’s not all, via antiscion, fighting planet Mars falls on the Ascendant and Mars itself stands on the royal Aldebaran which has a very fiery purely martial nature! Aldebaran is also a star of a beginning, it couldn’t be clearer.  The Lunar Mansion is also the Manzil of the warlike Al Dabaran, which has a galloping warrior as its image. 

Venus destroyed

Lord 1 is the Moon and it stands in the evil twelfth house on the star Rigel from Orion, the Hunter. Orion is very violent and runs the risk of overestimating himself, it is clear that this refers to Russia and not to Ukraine. Lord 1 on a star only means that the story connected to the myth that belongs to the star unfolds, but it does not show who has which role! So those are already five (Neptune, Castor, Aldebaran, Mars, Rigel) indications of violence which is confirmed in the tenth house. There, Venus is about to go to his detriment in Aries, a clear summary of what happened.

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