Some time ago it was decided that as from 2024 gender would not be mentioned any more on Dutch Identity Cards. This is arranged so to accomodate people who feel neither male nor female, which is a bit strange. Because this is not about transgenders, so people who after a time of transition live as a person of the other sex and who would appeciate therefore their new sex confirmed on an ID Card. Apparently, this is about another, even smaller group who does not want to go over to the other sex but wants to see their “feelings” officially recognized. Does this mean that soon we wil have men entering the ladies’ restroom, stubbornly claiming despite their long beards to be women? It seems to be an ideological action against difference itself.

Traditionally, the gradual disappearance of the basic female-male polarity is seen as one of the signs that the time cycle is nearing its end. The cosmos is built on complementary polarity and at the end of the cycle, this polarity consisting of male Yang and female Yin, will be dissolved. This does not mean that we may expect apocalypse tomorrow, the time that will happen is not known to anyone and cannot be found in astrology either. It is clear however that the creative tension between the complementary poles, expressing itself in among other things gender, is decreasing, this is triggering  the whole gender issue.

What can be said about this more practically- astrologically? Often you see in charts of people wrestling with their gender identity, strong tensions around the fifth house of sexuality. A good example is the American RuPaul Andre Charles, who is enormously succesfull with his RuPaul’s Drag Race, a travesty show on TV. RuPaul is a homosexual man not a transgender, but he typically does want to be classified. In his chart it can be seen clearly that the gender theme will be play a big role in his life (click on the download button below to view his chart.

Immediately striking the eye is Venus the planet of femininity, very powerfully placed conjunct Jupiter in the seventh house. Jupiter is Lord 10 of the job and in its fall it will manifest the tendency to break through boundaries. Venus it not only the female planet but also Lord 5 of sexuality. RuPaul will show the world (seventh house) that he will overstep limits (Jupiter in fall) regarding femininity (Venus) and  sexuality (Lord 5). Through antiscion (planet position mirrored in the 0 ° Cancer- 0° Capricorn axis) this conjunction is even more emphazized, because this antiscion falls on the descendant. Antiscia often do things in a hidden or unususal way, they are symbolically connected to the nodal axis, the basic polarity at the root of the cosmos.

Nodal axis

Not only is this overstepping Jupiter-Venus conjunction by antiscion (nodal point ) on the descendant, the nodal axis is also on the MC/IC. Here we see how deep the roots of this gender issue are, the nodal axis is the creative duality, so the gender polarity. This is one of the keys of RuPaul’s success, he places this nodal duality expressed in gender, at the centre of his professional activity. Mercury/ Lord 1 ( RuPaul himself) is found in the fifth house of sexuality conjunct Neptune, washing away every structure or boundary and Mercury is the shape-shifter. A bit further, we see the Moon in its fall in the Burnt Road and on the merciless royal South Scale a very, very afflicted Moon, which will tend to lead to a non-standard sexuality.

The Moon and Lord1 in the fifth house have a very tense relationship with female Venus. In Mars-ruled Scorpion they dot no like Venus very much, contributing to the development of homosexual feelings. However, this also shows the travesty, men who purposefully create a theatre of women caricatures.  Everybody knows this is done by men, so the denied gender difference is very much  present as the essence in the background. Nobody would want to watch such a show performed by women!     

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