And yes there it was, the famous Great Conjunction (“GC”) in the first degree of Aquarius, the “cause” of the Corona crisis, heralding Air times. It was fascinating to see that about which I had written and spoken so many times, really up there in the sky. Astrology happens out there, not only on your computer screen. Now that the GC has “perfected” we may expect a crisis peak and indeed strict measures have been imposed, there is a Corona mutation, the UK is isolated and a no-deal Brexit is a real possibility. Especially, the Western world is in trouble, China has control over Corona, without a vaccin. This is to be expected as a transition of the GC’s brings a new world power, so China will be better off than the US.


It was 800 years ago that the same transition of the GC’s from Earth to Air took place on 12 March 1226. Then like now it was a transition period of 40 years, first after 200 years of Earth, in 1186 the  GC came to Libra (just like in 1980), in 1206 the GC went back to Earth (like in 2000) to enter the Air element finally in 1226 (just like now, and also in the first degrees of Aquarius). In the 200 Air years to follow, the Gothic Age flowered, churches soared upo into the Air, into the light, refined courtly culture developed, through Moorish Spain and Byzantium a lot of innovative knowledge streamed in. The Knights Templar, chased out off the Holy Land by the armies of Islam, created the first banking system, they became extremely rich and powerful and were destroyed dramatically. 

Mongol Riders

The transition, then as now, brought much international moving around, a shift in the power balance and innovations in the field of knowledge. The West as the land of matter (Earth) , the place where the Sun sets, came under fire now that Earth times weer over. One of the most dramatic events was the rise of the Mongol Empire. Then as now the danger came from the East, now in the form of a virus, then as an appearently unstoppable wave of superior Mongol armies, spreading over a large part of Asia, occupying even parts of Eastern Europe. This happened in the middle of the transition time (like 9/11) , like a storm they seemed to come from nowhere, the explanation can, of course, be found in the GC’s. You can say that the Blitzkrieg of the Mongol riders was Airy, the empire was founded in 1206 in the middle of the transition time by Djengiz Khan.    


The Mongol Empire finally crumbled, but the power balance had shifted for ever. The situation now is comparable with the situation then, a lot of turbulence in the world and a crisis atmosphere. Of course, the (post)modern world is ruled just as much by the stars, but it is less conscious of this fact than ever, it narcistically sees itself as the factor “making history happen”.  It is all comparable but not the same. Just like then the GC falls in the first  degrees of Aquarius but there is a different star there now, because of the precession. So it is similar but nothing is repeated, there is no cycle of “etenal return.” Every moment is unique, because the divine creativity is inexhaustible, that is essence of the precession.

We are now in the middle of of it all, but looking back in history may work relativizing. Then many things were lost, but there were also new developments. Then too, people were very afraid of the invading Mongols but they did not last for long. The crusaders lost the Holy Land, but on the basis of the knowledge party gained there, the Gothic cathedrals could be built, that unsurpassed summit of medieval genius. It was an impulse lading to many developments, not only to losses. Certainly, Air time now will not only bring positive things, but there wil be room for good developments too, only this is difficult to see now in the middle of the crisis. These are the labour pains of Air. And now that we are leaving behind the last tense conjunction, things will slowly start to normalise.    

Pegasus Astrologisch Advies wishes you a blessed Christmas!!

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