Last week, the  eclipse chart which indicated the disaster in Derna in Lybia was discussed here. One of the most striking positions in that chart was the nodal axis, the core of an eclipse, which conjuncted the Ascendant in the chart calculated for Derna! That means the entire load of the eclipse will be poured out over Derna, and an eclipse is always a crisis because the Luminaries go out during an eclipse. In order to predict a disaster, a local astrologer could therefore keep an eye on the eclipses in his hometown.


Of course, it is also very important when such a disaster will occur, and an eclipse cannot indicate this with the necessary precision. After all, there are only three eclipses every year, so you need an instrument that shows on a smaller timescale when what is indicated in the eclipse will happen. You can very well use the lunations for that, the charts of the Full Moon and the New Moon.  You have two of them each month and in that way  you can determine the moment of a disaster like this quite accurately.


The chart of the Full Moon that preceded the disaster in Derna shows it all clearly, again by the nodal  axis. It is on the MC/IC axis, a kind of repetition of what was seen in the eclipse horoscope. The fact that the nodal axis falls on the MC/IC makes this very specific to Derna. There will be other places where this is the case, but those other places do have a different eclipse chart. So you can see how it is shown astrologically why a certain place is affected. Everything that happens here below on earth is indicated above.

Al Pherg

The lunation chart is very pronounced, the MC with the nodal axis is on Al Pherg, one of the three stars of fate! On the other important angle the Ascendant the alarm signal is repeated again, the Ascendant falls on Praesepe, which is also called, you hardly dare say it, “The Exhalation of Piled-Up Corpses”!!  The lunation itself falls conjunct Saturn, Lord 8 of death which stands in the eighth House on the Mouth of the Southern Fish Fom-Al Hut where the stream is poured out of the jar of Aquarius. It seems to be time to start an astrological alerting service for disasters.

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