Saturday Charles was finally crowned King Charles the Third, and the coronation was a spectacle full of traditions, although I understand that even the British had changed certain parts. Of course, we noted the time when the crown was placed on Charles’ head, the chart of that time shows how Charles’ kingship will proceed. The context is of course, important as always and the institution of  kingship is certainly far less uncontroversial now than it was when Elisabeth was crowned.

It is unlikely that this coronation was an election, although the timing was more or less traditional. For at twelve o’clock the Sun is at its highest point on the MC, which is very good for kingship. Unfortunately, it is summer time, so the Sun in this chart is not right on the MC but in the tenth house, still strong but on the MC is better. It is nice for Charles that fixed Leo is on the Ascendant, and that Lord 1, Mercury and the MC are also in a fixed sign. Especially in these times of doubts of the usefulness of kingship, a little fixity is a good thing. Also very good is the very powerful North Node – “super-Jupiter” – on the MC, a placement which we as election astrologers would certainly have preferred.


Venus is of great importance as Lord 10 of the public function and is free from affliction in the very positive eleventh house on the very powerful Betelgeuse (Orion star, too much self-righteousness is a danger!).  So far it looks fine, although the stars on which the Sun is placed are somewhat ambivalent, they are Almach and Menkar from Andromeda and the Sea Monster. The story is that the Sea Monster attacks and tries to devour the chained Andromeda, more concretely indicating the protection of something valuable that is being threatened. That seems to describe the kingship in our times very well, it will have to defend and prove itself. The MC also falls on a star from Andromeda, which emphasizes this theme even more.


What is also striking, is that the coronation took place a day after a lunar eclipse! Of course, the day of an eclipse itself would always be avoided as a moment of crisis, just as the days before it when tension is building. So fortunately for Charles, the eclipse has happened, though it would have been better to take some more distance in time. Still the Sun and the Moon, king and people are in opposite signs, the Moon -the people – is in Scorpio in negative reception with Venus / Lord 10 of the public funtion which should have been avoided. The Moon  – the people’s favor –  is very capracious in its fall, which is reinforced by the trine with the aggressive Mars also in its fall. This Moon position seems to reflect all the risks for his kingship and you would not have allowed it in an election, but fortunately for Charles there are also some very strong points in the chart to compansate for this.

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