In southern Turkey and northern Syria,  a severe earthquake has wreaked havoc and the human suffering is unprecedented. This is an area where earthquakes occur regularly, but it has been a long time since it was so disastrous. In Syria,  the situation is, if possible, even more serious, because a civil war is also raging there, which means that aid reaches the affected areas only with difficulty.  These kinds of major natural disasters are also indicated by charts and it could even be useful if you could see disasters coming in this way.

One of the astrological linstruments for viewing this is the ingress chart, the horoscope calculated for the exact moment when the Sun enters Aries again. That’s a Ramingress or a year ingress,  but you can do the same for the moment the Sun enters a cardinal sign, then you’ll see what will happen that season. Of course, you will always interpret such a seasonal ingress in the context of the annual ingress, it is only an instrument to  arrive at a more precise time determination. For areas where disasters occur regularly, this might help to be better prepared.


A Ramingress horoscope has the same planetary positions all over the world and is therefore partly a kind of annual horoscope for the whole world.  Specific to a particular country, the ingress is calculated by calculating it for the capital of a country. Then it indicates very precisely what will happen in that country. In the Ramingress calculated for Ankara, that immediately looks alarming, if you look at the angles. Because on the Descendant is Neptune, the ferocious sea god Poseidon who causes earthquakes, which is disturbing in a  horoscope of a country that is prone to earthquakes.

Poisoned Cup

The Ascendent reinforces the anxiety, which falls near Labrum, the head star of the Cup and one of the three stars of fate striking. In this context, you can think of this as the poison cup that now needs to be emptied to the bottom. In the myth associated with the Cup, this has to do with an assignment that has not been carried out, there was little earthquake-resistant building done in these areas. Lord of the Ascendant – the land this year – is Mercury, the traditional ruler of earthquakes, who stands close conjunct Lord 6 of  misery, adversity and disease in the sixth house. Lord 1 is in its detriment and fall and thus very weak.


The star on which Lord 1 falls, Achernar, also has a dark side, it is the Solar Chariot that falls from the sky and scorches the land.  As noted above that applies to the whole world, but only in Turkey is Mercury Lord 1, falling in the sixth house conjuncting  Lord 6 and only in Turkey Neptune stands on the Descendant. The horoscope of the moment when winter begins and the Sun enters Capricorn clearly indicates that it will occur in winter. Jupiter / Lord 6 is in this winter ingress right on the Descendant, the Moon conjuncts Death Star Antares and falls via antiscion on earthquake planet Mercury.  But the most astonishing is the Aquarius Ingress chart – the month chart – in which we find Mercury conjunct the Moon right on the MC!! 

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