The Sun is currently moving in the direction of the North Node and that means it is eclipse time.  After all, eclipses occur when a New Moon or a Full Moon falls near the Nodal Axis. The symbolism is clear, a new Moon or a Full Moon – also called a “lunation” – is a conjunction or opposition of the Luminaries Sun and Moon, the two main planets. That’s why lunations also mark important moments.The Nodal Axis is given by the points where the orbits of the Luminaries intersect. A lunation on the Nodal Axis is therefore symbolically a “superlunation”, a gathering of the Luminaries at their meeting point!


That is why eclipses in mundane astrology are important instruments indicating turning points in developments. By calculating eclipse charts for various capitals, you can see what kind of development the eclipse will bring specifically to a country. Technically, you do not calculate the eclipse for the exact moment of the conjunction or opposition, but for the time of the climax, the middle between the beginning and the end of the eclipse. On April 30, there was already a partial Solar Eclipse, but the Lunar Eclipse that is coming on May 16 is more interesting.

At the moment, of course, the war Russia is waging against Ukraine is the most dramatic development in the world and therefore it is interesting to see what this eclipse looks like when you calculate it for Moscow. That indicates what Moscow may expect from this turning point. The context is that Russia changed its strategy two weeks ago and is now trying to get hold of the eastern part of Ukraine.The truth is also that the Russians, despite all their efforts and numerical superiority, have achieved not much success, they suffer great losses of materials and men, the Ukrainians defend themselves fiercely and effectively.

The Great Headhunter

The upcoming eclipse of May 16 is not going to make things any better for Russia, on the contrary. The chart is made for Moscow and thus shows specifically what the Kremlin may expect.That looks dramatic, the Russians are facing major setbacks. Lord 1 is the Moon, so Russia and because it is a Lunar Eclipse, the light of the Moon is going out, the Russian light. The Moon is extremely weak on the cusp of the sixth house of misfortune and illness and in its fall in Scorpio.The Sun that extinguishes the Moon light is very vicious, this Sun stands on Algol the great star of death and destruction, the queen of darkness, the most horrible star in the skies. That power of the cosmic headhunter Algol is going to work against Russia

William Lilly is equally clear in his description of the Lunar Eclipses per decanate. A Lunar Eclipse in the last decanate of Scoprio brings “murder and seditions”. The Kremlin may brace itself  because this will continue until the next eclipse on October 25th.

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