The political situation is still very volatile, and in Gaza, which is being heavily bombed by Israel, a humanitarian disaster is taking place, Gazans are being starved and slaughtered. Israel’s army (Tsahal) seems to ta have started its offensive on the ground. It remains mysterious why the Israelis ignored the secret services’ warnings that something was imminent. Did they perhaps want Hamas to make that attack so that they could finally get rid of the Gaza Strip? It could be so, because even if you wouldn’t want to believe it, this kind of strategies does exist at this level of politics.


In the past few weeks we have looked at the progressions, the solar and the lunar retrurns in the chart of Israel in which the developments were clearly visible. On the Palestinian side, there is also a chart, of the birth of the Palestinian National Authority that was supposed to form an autonomous government of the Palestinian territories (Gaza and the West Bank). The time of birth is 4 May 1994 in Cairo, 11:55 EDT, Asc 5.59 Leo (the moment of signing a treaty). We don’t want to interpret this radix now, but the Ascendant falls on Praesepe, the Exhalation of Piled-Up Corpses… It is also a star of fragmentation, in 2007 Hamas took power in Gaza and the (weak) PNA only rules the West Bank now.

But the birth chart of the PNA is of course important for all Palestinian territories (tensions have also been greatly increased on the West Bank) and the progressions are obvious. The Sun is Lord 1 in the radix and squares the progressed Saturn, radix-Lord 7 of opponents and radix-Lord 8 of death. The Moon has just entered Aries and thus activates the sign lord Mars, the planet of war and the Pars Solis (the Sun Part) has just made an opposition with the radix Sun, Lord 1, two colliding Suns.


Also the two primary angles are very clear, the primary Ascendant has just crossed the sign boundary, which in itself indicates major changes, because the primary Asc is in a sign for a very long time. With the entry into Virgo, sign lord Mercury is activated, and Mercury is combust in the radix. The Sun that burns away Mercury is in the radix on Almach and Menkar in Andromeda and the Sea Monster. Andromeda is the princess chained to an island, while the Sea Monster Tsahal is on his way to devour her.


The Ascendant is also moving over Regulus indicating a merciless power struggle, as well as the overwhelming terrorist attack by Hamas. For the past two years, the primary MC has been moving  through the notorious crisis zone between Algol (26° Taurus) and Prima Hyadum (6° Gemini) and thus indicates the longer-term developments. Is there anybody who still want to do astrology without fixed stars?

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