The series about the US presidential elections will be continued next week, this week we will look at , yes the Corona crisis. To begin with, I will repeat what I posted a year ago about the then new 2019 Aries ingress (a chart calculated for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again, location Brussels).  For all clarity, I have cursified the text.

So what to expect this year in Europe? Will the tensions decrease or should we prepare, and this seems to more probable, for more trouble. The first thing that strikes the eye is the royal South Scale on the ingress-Ascendant, and that is not very pleasant. The South Scale, the Fist of Justice, will rigorously and ruthlessly create a new  balance, this will be painful and harsh. Malefic Mars is ingress-Lord 1 and it is placed in the seventh house of other people in its detriment in Taurus. Not too good for cooperation. Mars is also conjunct the sword-hand of Perseus who chops off Medusa’s Head, this is near Algol, headhunter and crisis star. On top of that, there is this upcoming Full Moon, with the Sun as Lord 10, poining to the separation.

Futhermore, it is striking that we have a Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction around the third cusp of routine movements and procedures which we can expect as a consequence of Brexit. All in all , this is a chart with increased tensions compared to the 2018 ingress, but this does not come as a surprise.

Looking back at predictions is very instructive although it may be painful (that is why not too many astrologers do this, they tend to concentrate on post-diction, then you are always right). Predicting is possible but a planet position can work out in many ways which makes it a bit of a slippery path. Last year around this time it was all about Brexit (do you still remember what that was?) so my interpretation leaned that way. But if you forget for an moment about the Brexit specifics, it is not a a bad prediction at all , especially the fixed stars are very clear but also the affliction around the third cusp. This ingress 2019 will be valid till 20 March when we will have a new ingress.

What we can learn from this, is that you necessarily make a prediction on the basis of the actual context (which was Brexit at that time), but it is a good idea to try to look further,as an ingress will be valid for a year! What I forgot last year was that this horrible ingress Algol-Mars falls on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Algol in 2000. This means the big crisis potential in the Great Conjunction chart will be forcefully activated this year. So do not forget to relate an ingress to the current Great Conjunction too!INGRESS BRUSSEL 2020Download

How does the new ingress chart for 2020 look (click on the download button to view it)? Certainly, this is better than 2019, no ruthless South Scale, no Mars in detriment near Algol, no concentrated affliction around a cusp. On the Ascendant is Altair, the main star in the Eagle a powerful star of aspiration, not malefic at all. Saturn Lord 1 is about to leave the malefic twelfth house of isolation (!)  to conjunct the Ascendant, and it will increase in essential dignity by doing this. Jupiter is Lord 10, ruler of one the most important houses in the chart and it is placed in the malefic twelfth house on Pluto, which obviously is not very good. Probably what is shown here are the effects of the Corona crisis, which will not be gone overnight.

This can be expected but we can conclude that this ingress chart is much less tense that the 2019 chart, moreover in December 2020 the horrible Great Conjunction of 2000, which triggered so many problems in the past twenty years will finally be left behind. Corona is Medusa’s last breath.

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