Less than a month ago I wrote here that I was relieved that the transition of the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius had only brought Corona, but not war! And now we have ended up in this terrible conflict. Last week we already looked at the current lunar return of Ukraine in which Pollux was on the Ascendant and this was interpreted as a good sign for Ukraine, Pollux is the immortal Twin Brother and indeed the Russian army has had a much harder time than expected so far. 

It is now time to also look at the Russian chart, but the question is of course which one that is. The best possibility is the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of July 23, 1444 (6:01:50 LMT Moscow, Asc 21.12 Leo) that preceded the moment Ivan the Great, after the fall of the Byzantine Empire, began to call himself “Tsar of all Russians”. He saw himself as the successor of the last Roman (Byzantine) emperor and in the years that followed he established the power of Moscow by eliminating rival states.


A first indication that this is a good chart for Russia is the fact that the Ascendant is on Regulus. Regulus is the Lionheart consumed by imperiousness and ambition, the whole problem in a nutshell. We will not now interpret this radix of Russia, but look directly at the progressions, there must be some things to see there if this radix is indeed an effective one. And this turns out be the case, click on the download link below to see the progressions.

It is not to be missed, there is a progressed Full Moon to be seen, always an indication of great tensions. The Sun is also Lord 1 in the Russian radix so that makes the tension even stronger, with the Moon moving over the current position of this imperious Regulus playing such a prominent role in Russia’s radix. A progressed Full Moon automatically leads to a conjunction of the Parts of Sun and Moon on the progressed Descendant which therefore has no meaning, but they also move over Saturn,  Lord 7 of opponents and battle in the radix!  Both the radix position and the progressed position of Pluto are close to it, which does not make it all much better.

So the war can be seen very clearly, but what is going to happen if we move the progressive factors forward? The Full Moon has not yet reached its point of highest tension, that will take another two months. The progressed Part of Fortune will in the next three months move over the progressed Saturn / Lord 7 and then over Pluto, the direction of the Ascendant completes ist opposition with the progressed Lord 7 at the end of this year. The progressed Part of the Sun is applying to a square with progressed war planet Mars, which will perfect in two months. Only increasing tensions are to be seen.  And we thought that rocket man Kim Jong-un of North Korea  was an insane, dangerous prune!

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