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If you have been on the throne for such a long time as the English queen Elisabeth, it is inevitable that on the long run you will have to deal with all the possible problems you could think of. Last week grand-son prince Harry – the sixth in line for the English throne – and his American wife Meghan Markle decided they wanted to step back as members of the royal family. They wanted less obligations and more freedom to life lives of their own, partly even outside the UK, one of the reasons seems to be the wild attacks launched again and again by the poisonous tabloid press on Meghan Markle. The Queen decided to make it a “hard Megxit”, Harry and Meghan will loose their royal titles, they will not receive any government money any more and they will have to  pay back the 2,8 million spent on the recent renovation of their London residence. Her Majesty was not amused.    


Such a change will of course be visible in the relevant charts and it is interesting to take a look at Meghan Markle’s chart, in a way she is in the centre of all this. Her natal chart will not be interpreted here this was done in another post, but it would be good idea to see what her current solar return shows. To understand returns clearly, what can be spotted in the return chart, will always manifest in the larger framework of the developments indicated by the progresions/directions. In this sense the progressions / directions are of prime importance in prediction, at the moment her Mars /Lord 10 of public activities is entering the crisis zone around Praesepe (“the second Algol” at 7° Leo)  and the Part of Fortune (the Part of the Moon)is moving over Terebellum, a star of fate and over the progressed South Node (sacrifice,) these progressions are not shown here.

In her current solar return (starting in August 2019) it can be seen that important things will happen this year. It is helpful to realise that a prognosis will always be done also on the basis of context information, if you know she has suffered so much from these poisonous tabloids and you have seen how the pair reacted, you will look a the chart from a certain perspective. In the return chart (click on the download button above to view it) what strikes the eye immediately is retrograde Jupiter Lord 4 and Lord 7 on the IC of family. Literally you can read here withdrawing, as Lord 7 Jupiter also  brings in the relationship.

A little Dog

By antiscion (positions mirrored in the axis 0° Cancer- 0° Capricorn) the conjunction of retrograde Saturn and the South Node is on retrograde Jupiter on the IC. Stepping back is very much repeated here, Saturn is limitation, South Node is sacrifice and again we have the retrogradation. On the descendant of the realtionship is Neptune, wild Poseidon always creating chaos, in classical astrology we can use the ouer planets a mythical themes, but not as sign rulers. Planets changing signs are always worth some extra attention, the Moon has just enterd Libra, it is Lord 1 (Meghan)  in her natal chart, so this points to a  big change in her life. Mercury as return Lord 1 and 10 is obviously important, it is conjunct the Part of the Sun (“me”)  on bright powerful Procyon falling on the natal Ascendant. Procyon is the main star in the Big Dog, always defying authorities and doing things his own way. It is clear, she will choose for herself now. 

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